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NFL Draft 2024: Running Back Landing Spots

The 2024 National Football League Draft is almost here, so the franchise-changing day for some teams is right around the corner. This draft has an interesting running back class that doesn't have a clear-cut number-one player like last year when Bijan Robinson went 8th overall to Atlanta.

This article will pick a few landing spots for each top running back prospect in this year's draft class. Where will star running backs Jonathan Brooks, Blake Corum, Jaylen Wright, Trey Benson, Bucky Irving, and Ray Davis go? Let's speculate!

Jonathan Brooks (Texas) - Projected Day Two

Where He Should Go: Dallas Cowboys

Why: The Cowboys do not have a true starter at running back after Tony Pollard's departure in free agency. Brooks wouldn't have to leave the state and could be the next star running back in Dallas.

Blake Corum (Michigan) - Projected Day Two

Where He Should Go: Los Angeles Chargers

Why: Although LA signed J.K. Dobbins and Gus Edwards in free agency, Corum should be reunited with Jim Harbaugh as he is very talented and can fight for the lead back for the Chargers.

Jaylen Wright (Tennessee) - Projected Day Three

Where He Should Go: Cleveland Browns

Why: The Browns are one of the best running teams in the NFL, but the rushing attack declined after Nick Chubb's injury. Adding Wright will give the Browns a good run game while Chubb fully recovers.

Trey Benson (Florida State) - Projected Day Three

Where He Should Go: Las Vegas Raiders

Why: The Raiders lost Josh Jacobs in free agency but could replace him with athletically gifted Benson, an explosive playmaker in Las Vegas.

Bucky Irving (Oregon) - Projected Day Three

Where He Should Go: Denver Broncos

Why: The Broncos have Javonte Williams, who has shown flashes but has proven to be a franchise running back. Irving could be an excellent addition to provide competition while being a new target in the passing game. Could he reunite with quarterback Bo Nix as well?

Ray Davis (Kentucky) - Projected Day Three

Where He Should Go: Baltimore Ravens

Why: After the Chargers signed two of the Ravens running backs on the 2023 roster, Baltimore will go forward with Keaton Mitchell. However, adding Ray Davis, a suitable ball carrier, would give more options in the backfield.

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