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NFL Draft 2024: Quarterback Landing Spots

The 2024 National Football League Draft is almost here which means that the franchise-changing day for some teams is right around the corner. This draft has a stacked quarterback class that could see five quarterbacks potentially get selected in the first round.

This article will pick a couple of landing spots for each of the top quarterback prospects in this year's draft class. Where will star quarterbacks Caleb Williams, Jayden Daniels, Drake Maye, and J.J. McCarthy go? Let's speculate!

Caleb Williams (USC) - Projected Top 5 Pick

Landing Spots: Chicago Bears

Where he should go: Chicago Bears

Why: Wiliams will be the first-overall selection and he has been called the next Patrick Mahomes. Will the Bears finally find their franchise star after passing on Mahomes seven years ago?

Jayden Daniels (LSU) - Projected Top 5 Pick

Landing Spots: Washington Commanders, New England Patriots

Where he should go: Washington Commanders

Why: Maye is a great prospect but Jayden Daniels would be perfect for Washington. He is talented and his ceiling is so high.

Drake Maye (UNC) - Projected Top 5 Pick

Landing Spots: New England Patriots, Washington Commanders, Minnesota Vikings

Where he should go: New England Patriots

Why: Maye will be an elite quarterback in this league for the next decade and has been compared to Justin Herbert.

J.J. McCarthy (Michigan) - Projected Top 10 Pick

Landing Spots: Minnesota Vikings, New England Patriots, Las Vegas Raiders

Where he should go: Minnesota Vikings

Why: Vikings should easily be able to trade up for McCarthy, who will step in to replace Kirk Cousins. While he may be a project, the Vikings have time to sit back and retool while the Packers and Lions enjoy their time at the top.

Michael Penix Jr (Washington) - Projected Late First-Round Pick

Landing Spots: Las Vegas Raiders, Denver Broncos

Where he should go: Las Vegas Raiders

Why: Michael Penix Jr would be able to sit back behind Gardner Minshew and learn for a season and help develop the young mobile quarterback.

Bo Nix (Oregon) - Projected Early Second-Round Pick

Landing Spots: Denver Broncos, Las Vegas Raiders, New Orleans Saints

Where he should go: Denver Broncos

Why: Bo Nix has a lot of experience and will be able to start right away. He could be that franchise quarterback Denver has been seeking since Peyton Manning retired.

Spencer Rattler (South Carolina) - Projected Day 2 Or 3 Pick

Landing Spots: Atlanta Falcons, New Orleans Saints, Denver Broncos

Where he should go: Atlanta Falcons

Why: Rattler was one projected to be a first-round pick but has fallen after underperforming. But he still has the tools and talent and sitting behind Kirk Cousins for a few years would really help polish the young South Carolina quarterback.

Michael Pratt (Tulane) - Projected Day 3 Pick

Landing Spots: New Orleans Saints, New York Jets, Cleveland Browns

Where he should go: New Orleans Saints

Why: The Saints have a few more years left for Derek Carr, but it is not a bad idea to find Carr's replacement if he struggles this season.

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