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So Kansas City, Are You Going To Cut Rashee Rice Now?

The Kansas City Chiefs have been on top of the world for the past few years. They have solidified their dynasty with multiple Super Bowl victories. They even recently won the latest Superbowl; this offseason has been a positive one for the team. Well, the positivity is now gone with what is happening with Rashee Rice.

It had been problematic already when Rice got himself in trouble running away from a huge car wreck, but now he threw coal on the fire without getting in trouble again. Now he has a potential assault charge that he could deal with.

What happened with Rice was a few days ago it was announced that he was under investigation due to allegedly hitting a photographer at a Dallas Club. It just sounds like such a brilliant idea just in general to do this to a photographer, while you're facing a ton of charges already.

Now it is important to know that there have been no charges or recent arrest records, however, this is not something he needs. Rice will have yet another investigation that he will have to deal with making the process more complicated.

Is Rashee Rice trying to speed run to the end of his career? He is pissing away a promising career and being a part of an extended dynasty team that is very weak at wide receiver.

Honestly, the Chiefs need to just part ways. This guy should be cut tomorrow because he is a walking liability off the field at this point. He should have been cut the moment he ran away from a car accident with 6 cars. Rice did not even check on the well-being of those in the wreck, which is inexcusable.

This latest incident shows that he is never going to learn and will continue to be a liability for this squad. I don't care what level of talent that a player has, you have to properly manage the culture of the team and stuff like this can't fly.

It is pretty much clear Rice is going to be suspended now. There are no ifs because the NFL will look worse if Rice does not get punished. No more slaps on the wrist and Rice needs to learn a lesson. With the tremendous incidences that he is involved with, it is time to wash their hands of him.

The Chiefs will likely wait until the investigations are done, but if it's true, then that should make the decision to cut him a lot easier, even though it should have happened a while ago.

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