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The Wildest Title Race in Europe is in the WSL

While Arsenal and Manchester City race toward the Premier League title, and many other European title races end, another wild title race is taking place. In England, second-place Chelsea WFC could win the league over first-place Manchester City WFC in the Women’s Super League.

This Past Weekend in the WSL…

Manchester City was sitting pretty at first place with 52 points a goal difference of 46, and 20 games played. Their matchup for week 21, was WSL powerhouse Arsenal WFC. If Manchester City were to win this game, it would be certain that they would win the league. They were up 1-0 in the 90th minute, and it seemed like nothing could stop them from winning until Sweden’s Stina Blackstenius intervened.

In added time, Stina Blackstenius scored two goals and Arsenal beat Man City 2-1. This brought Manchester City’s goal difference down to 45, which will decide who wins the league.

In London, Chelsea was playing Bristol City, the already relegated team in the WSL. Chelsea went into this game with 46 points, 19 games played, and a goal differential of 39. Chelsea needed to score 6 goals this game to tie Manchester City's goal differential. Instead, they went above and beyond by scoring 8 goals and acquiring a clean sheet.

With 20 games played, Chelsea now has 49 points and a goal differential of 46, one goal ahead of Man City.

What Happens Next?

Manchester City has one game left in the season against Aston Villa, who are seventh in the league. Manchester needs to win this game with a very high goal differential to win the league. Chelsea have two matches left against Tottenham and Manchester United. Chelsea lost to Man United earlier this year, but if they win both games and keep their lead in goals, then Chelsea will win the league.

This title race will come down to the final matchday on May 18th. Chelsea winning will secure them a trophy, in a failed competition season, and Emma Hayes will get a great farewell from the WSL. Manchester City winning will signal the end of Chelsea’s dynasty over the WSL, and hopefully, new teams will win the league after this season.

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