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WNBA Draft: Don't Buy Those Jerseys Yet

With this year’s WNBA draft class already being compared to the NBA’s 2003 draft class, fans are ecstatic to see their favorite college athletes play professional basketball. However, there is a 45% chance that you will not get to see your idol play for a team, here is why.

Lack of Teams

As of right now, only 12 WNBA teams are operating. Compared to the NBA’s 30 teams, there is hardly any wiggle room for incoming players. A new team in the Bay Area is expected to run during the 2025 season, however, expansion is happening a lot slower than many people would expect. Internal problems such as player treatment from the WNBA, and establishing a culture of acceptance are higher priorities than expansion.

Lack of Roster Spots

Due to WNBA rules, teams must have a minimum of 11 players on their rosters, with a maximum of 12. Many star-studded teams opt to have 11 players on the roster to follow salary-cap rules. Hypothetically, if a team had a roster that they did not want to make any changes to in the following season, then the draftees would have little to no chance of making the team.

WNBA Veterans

One of the most controversial topics with the lack of roster spots, has to do with veterans being prioritized by the organization. Players such as Diana Taurasi have created lots of history with their team, and of course, the team will jump through hoops to have them stay as long as possible. Many fans believe veterans are dragging out their stay in the league, but others believe veterans are essential for the WNBA.

The "What-Ifs"

With training camp starting in less than a week, several questions will be asked before, during, and after this season. My favorite is “What if the draftees of the Las Vegas Aces make the cut?” Their picks are some of the most underrated in the draft and they can create a lethal squad with their draftees.

Another question proposed is “What if the WNBA expands their roster spots?” The WNBA would then have to expand its salary cap from 1.4 million to around 1.8 million, or the teams would have to pay their players less. Entry salaries for players are already measly compared to their male counterparts, and the WNBA is very quiet about where their profits head towards.

There is no way to put this lightly; the WNBA is a disorganized league with the wrong priorities. It is disheartening to watch talented players get cut from their teams, and office jobs are more lucrative than these players getting to live out their dreams. Expansion needs to happen faster, or the league will lose viewers due to a lack of accessibility and sheer disappointment.


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