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No More Hiding: UNC And NC State Forced To Play In-State Rivals

North Carolina lawmakers are proposing a bill requiring the University of North Carolina (UNC) and North Carolina State University (NC State) to play at least one game each year against an in-state rival such as East Carolina, Appalachian State, or Charlotte.

This would apply not only to football but also to men's and women's basketball. Additionally, the bill would mandate that UNC and NC State play a home or away game against each other every year.

Every six years, UNC and NC State would be required to play at least one home and away game against a qualifying low-enrollment institution, which could include schools like Wake Forest, Campbell, and North Carolina A&T.

If the bill passes, it will provide one million dollars in non-recurring funds to the UNC System for the 2024-25 fiscal year. The new funding would become effective starting in the 2025-26 school year.

What Does This Mean For North Carolina?

If this new bill is passed, UNC and NC State will no longer be able to avoid playing against schools like App State and ECU. This has the potential to boost tourism as more games will lead to more sold-out hotels, which will be great for the economy. It is important to keep these games within the state.

Who Is Backing It?

House Bill 965, entitled "UNC Intrastate Athletic Competition", is sponsored by Representatives Jason Saine, Jake Johnson, Ray Pickett, and David Willis. Jason Saine, who is a Charlotte advocate and senior chairman of the appropriations committee, is a sponsor of the bill.


I believe that this bill if passed, will not only boost tourism in North Carolina but also revive the in-state rivalries that some of us miss. However, I am doubtful that it will pass as some UNC supporters may fear another 70 scored on them by ECU under purple skies. If this bill does pass, I will be thrilled about the future of college sports in North Carolina.

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