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Harrison Butker Has A Right To Be An A**HOLE

Harrison Butker, Women, Gay, Pride, Wayne Gregoire

When I first started writing this article, I wasn't sure how I wanted to attack it. I knew that I completely disagreed with what Harrison Butker said, but I also believe in the Constitution and people exercising their freedoms, so long as exercising those freedoms is not at the expense of someone else. 

I also believe that all of our freedoms should be restricted. Absolute freedom leads to chaos, and for the most part, our freedoms have been limited to an appropriate amount. I will reiterate that I disagree with Harrison Butker's assertions, but I think he has a right to say what he wants. I will defend that, as should everyone who disagrees with him.

George Carlin, Rights, Harrison Butker, Wayne Gregoire

What Is A Violation Of Your Rights?

George Carlin did a bit in his last stand-up special, explaining that Americans have no rights, but rather, they have privileges. By definition, he is correct. Rights can not be given or taken, and the Bill of Rights was given to us by our founding parents and could legally be taken from us tomorrow. Just because it is highly unlikely does not mean it's impossible.

Before we go down a deep rabbit hole, and to avoid distracting you, I will refer to these privileges as rights for the remainder of the article. The question is, what is and is not a violation of these rights?

If you are fired for words that you said, your freedom of speech has not been violated. If you are expelled from school, banned from your local country club, or kicked out of your home for something you posted on Facebook, your freedom of speech still has not been taken. Your freedoms protect you from criminal prosecution. That's it.

As I mentioned before, we need to ensure that nobody has an absolute right, so we infringe on rights to create checks and balances in society. For example, if you use your freedom of speech or freedom of the press to incite violence, you will be criminally charged. 

Gun control is a necessary infringement of the Second Amendment. We all agree that 12-year-olds should not be allowed to buy firearms. When you put an age restriction on purchasing something, it is now being controlled, and that right is infringed upon. A person's freedom of religion is still intact, even as they are being fired for talking about God in school.

James Van Der Beek, Wayne Gregoire, Harrison Butker

Why So Sensitive?

Now that we fully understand what is and is not a violation of rights, why would anybody advocate for disciplinary action to be taken against somebody exercising their rights? Currently, there is a petition with over 30,000 signatures calling for the Kansas City Chiefs to fire Harrison Butker. Why is that? 

There is an old adage, "What's good for the goose is good for the gander." In simplest terms, it means that what's good for one person is good for all people. It's a statement about equality and equal treatment. Advocating for Harrison Butker to lose his job for saying something you dislike is to advocate for losing your own job for saying something somebody doesn't like. 

You don't have to agree with Butker's views. I certainly don't. I'm sure you have some views people disagree with you about. Should you be fired for saying them out loud? You may think your views are not as egregious as his, but a disagreement is a disagreement. 

To suggest that the only voices that should be heard are those stating what you agree with and that the voices that you disagree with should be silenced is a form of self-importance so obnoxious that they don't have a word for it. Either everybody's opinion should be heard, or we should all remain silent about our opinions. 

Harrison Butker, Wayne Gregoire, Speech

I Disagree With Harrison Butker

Butker, when talking about having pride in being a Christian, said, "Not the deadly sins kind of pride that has an entire month dedicated to it, but the true God-centered pride that is cooperating with the holy Ghost to glorify him." This is clearly a shot across the bow at gay individuals who celebrate Pride Month in June. Again, this is a statement that I disagree with.

However, the Chiefs kicker may consider it a sin to engage in homosexual behavior because he was taught that or read it in the Bible. It is unclear if he also has a custom jersey made for each game since NFL jerseys are made from polyester and nylon, and the Bible forbids him from wearing clothing made from two different materials (Leviticus 19:19).

Whether he is a hypocrite or not is irrelevant. His right is to believe what he wants and speak openly about it. He did not call for violence or segregation in his speech, so he should not face discipline for announcing to the world he is a fool. A great many people say far worse things every day. Let's worry about them first.

Regarding women and the life they should embrace, he suggested that out of all their life pursuits, having children and being a wife would make them the happiest. He said to embrace the title of homemaker. Once again, I have difficulty thinking this is a fireable offense. 

He did not say that all women should be homemakers, just that they would be happier if they were. He may have been trying to say that women should not be afraid of being stay-at-home moms, giving in to societal pressure to have a career. What it sounded like, though, was that he thought women's natural place was in the kitchen. Again, this is a statement I disagree with, but it is his right to be that ignorant.

End Of Rant

Butker may fancy himself, a prophet, or at the very least a philosopher. What he actually is is an a**hole. Last I checked, that was not against the law. In other words, Harrison Butker has a right to be an a**hole. And a**holes have a right to a job. You'd have to get your Big Mac somewhere else if they didn't.

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