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Who Should Start At Quarterback For New England Patriots?

The New England Patriots are entering a new era of football. The team selected North Carolina quarterback Drake Maye with the third overall pick of the 2024 NFL Draft and signed veteran quarterback Jacob Brissett in free agency. 

With another rebuilding season expected in New England, who should the Patriots give the starting quarterback job to? Will they sit Maye for a year to learn and develop behind Brissett? Or will the team opt to start their franchise signal caller in Week One? 

Why New England Should Start Jacoby Brissett

There are cases to make for both. The argument for sitting a quarterback for a season is probably the most logical one. While teams are usually eager to start their new quarterback immediately, it isn’t always the best move.

For example, the Panthers started first-overall pick Bryce Young to start the season, and he played all but one game. He threw only 11 touchdowns and ten interceptions in that game, as Carolina finished a league-worst 2-15. This was not Bryce's fault, as he had one of the worst offensive lines in the league and an underwhelming receiving core, it probably would have helped more for him to sit and learn behind Andy Dalton.

The Patriots could avoid putting Drake Maye in the same situation by allowing him to sit for one or even half a season. Quarterbacks who have sat for a year before finding success in their second season or a first-year starting include Patrick Mahomes, Jordan Love, Aaron Rodgers, Phillip Rivers, Drew Brees, and Kirk Cousins.

Why New England Should Start Drake Maye

If there is a case to make for starting Drake Maye in Week One, look at C.J. Stroud. The second overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft began from the get-go and led the Houston Texans, a team at the bottom of the league, to the AFC South division title.

Another quarterback who found rookie success was Justin Herbert. While the Chargers quarterback did not start the season under center, he took over after Tyrod Taylor suffered an injury and never looked back.

There is a compelling case for starting and sitting Drake Maye. With the state of New England's roster, I recommend sitting Maye for a season to learn. Unlike the Bears or Broncos who don't have an experienced backup, the Patriots should go with Brissett since he knows the system and has previously started for the Patriots.

Since New England is not expected to make the playoffs this year, they can allow Maye to develop and not rush him into the NFL so quickly. But if the Patriots decide to start him, he may break out like Stroud and Herbert, too.

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