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Predicting The Next Five Super Bowl Champions

The Super Bowl is one of the most exciting games in all sports. The quest to reach the 'Big Game' is challenging, but the work is always worth it. While it's hard to predict who will win the next Super Bowl, I have decided to predict the next five Super Bowl champions! 

Super Bowl LIX (2025) - 49ers Over Bengals

The upcoming Super Bowl in New Orleans was a challenging game to predict. While Kansas City should be the favorites to win their third championship in three years, don't count out the Cincinnati Bengals. The Bengals could play February football again with Joe Burrow back and healthy. 

Meanwhile, San Francisco will return to the Super Bowl and finally win it. This is an all-in year for the 49ers, and I see them having a good chance of becoming champions. 

Super Bowl LX (2026) - Chiefs Over Lions

If they don't win in 2025, I see the Chiefs returning to victory formation in Super Bowl LX in Santa Clara. Patrick Mahomes is too good not to win another Super Bowl within the next two years. 

For Detroit, the Lions finally make it to the Super Bowl. Although they fail to lift the Lombardi, this would be an exciting game for NFL fans.

Super Bowl LXI (2027) - Packers Over Chiefs

It's a new era in Green Bay, and quarterback Jordan Love has cheeseheads excited. The Packers have the youngest roster in the NFL and should be competitive for a long time. It's not if but when Green Bay will return to the Super Bowl. 2027 feels right, and they'll stop the Chiefs from winning back-to-back Super Bowl trophies.

Super Bowl LXII (2028) - Colts Over Bears

This might be a stretch, but if Anthony Richardson and Caleb Williams are as good as advertised, these two teams could form a 2007 Super Bowl rematch two decades later. This game would be a bunch of fun. With two explosive playmakers, NFL fans could expect a high-scoring matchup.

Super Bowl LXIII (2029) - Chiefs Over Eagles 

After a decade in the league, 34-year-old Patrick Mahomes will win his fifth championship ring in a rematch of the 2022 Super Bowl. 

Jalen Hurts will fall short again in the 'Big Game' but will put up incredible numbers. While Travis Kelce will likely be retired by then, it will be exciting to see who Mahomes' favorite target will be. 

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