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Top 10 NFL RB's This Upcoming Season!

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

The running backs and ground game are an important piece to a balanced offense in the NFL. Let's take a look at 10 great backs to look out for in 2023.

10: Joe Mixon, Cincinnati Bengals

Coming in at number 10, Mixon falls perfectly there. While he is an elite RB, I am still worried about his usage with that incredible offense around him. It also worries me about the accusations around him and a firearm during the off-season. If he plays, though, he'll be awesome.

9: Alvin Kamara, New Orleans Saints

Kamara is also very similar to Mixon, except he excels in one facet more than the other and doesn't have an elite offense around him. But people need to remember Kamara is a top-three receiving back when healthy and playing. I'm also worried about his impending suspension for a fight in Las Vegas a year or two ago, but if he sorts it out, I have no doubt he'll be elite again.

8: Aaron Jones, Green Bay Packers

There are no legal troubles that I have known of, which gives Jones a substantial boost. But even aside from that, expect Jones to do massive numbers. While he does have Dillon backing him up, he still put up a career year last year and showed himself to be an elite receiving back. With a young quarterback in Jordan Love at the helm, you know they'll want Jones to be able to help carry the load on offense a lot more.

7: Austin Ekeler, Los Angeles Chargers

Our trend of receiving backs continues with the most prolific of them all, in Ekeler. Ekeler worked his way into our hearts with his appreciation for fantasy football, domination of fantasy football, and posting photos putting the rest of us to absolute shame. Ekeler is criminally underrated as a pure weapon and deserves his flowers.

6: Jonathan Taylor, Indianapolis Colts

Just a season ago, Taylor was the best running back in all football, and he is now completely disregarded. Taylor is still a monster for the Colts and will be this upcoming season, even with the introduction of Anthony Richardson. Regardless, Taylor is still elite in nearly every facet of the game, and he will continue to be a man every opponent has to circle leading up to their game.

5: Nick Chubb, Cleveland Browns

I've never seen Thiamin speak once, and that is because he lets his game do the talking. Behind one of the best offensive lines in the NFL, Chubb has been incredible and continuously dominated any opposition in his way. The only thing stopping him is his lack of receptions. But with Watson there, I expect that to go up and the mute menace to keep dominating the NFL.

4: Josh Jacobs, Oakland Raiders

This year's leading rusher will be back for more. With no Derek Carr and the takeover of Jimmy Garoppolo, Jacobs is poised for another incredible season. Even though Hunter Renfrow and Davante Adams are both there, I expect Jacobs to dominate still, as Jimmy G can only make so many throws. He should not live up to the rushing aspect, but we can see an increase in his receiving potential with Garoppolo's constant check downs.

3: Saquon Barkley, New York Giants

The Penn State product has yet to resign with the Giants, but when he does, he will still be a top-three running back in the NFL. Barkley did everything for the Giants this past season, and I don't see that stopping. Now with a half-stable offensive unit led by OC Mike Kafka and returning Coach of the Year Brian Daboll, Barkley will continue to be used in new and creative ways. He will also resign. Please resign, Saquon.

2: Derrick Henry, Tennessee Titans

The human tank himself, Henry, is all alone in Tennessee, and he'll show it week in and week out. As he is the only truly viable weapon, at least until Treylon Burks proves himself, he will still get those massive amounts of touches. Whether or not he stays healthy and the Titans win games are very different, but he will, without a doubt, get his touches. Henry is not going anywhere, folks.

1: Christian McCaffrey, San Francisco 49ers

Do I need to say much? McCaffrey can do it all in one of the best offenses in the NFL. I'm not going in-depth because we all know CMC at this point, and it should be understood that given his insane athleticism, catching ability, and juke moves, he is by far the best running back in the NFL.


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