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The Jets Are Guaranteed To Look Different In 2024

New York will be searching to improve their roster this off-season, but in the meantime, it's expected they will make a change that fans have been dying to see.

A Quick Turnaround 

Jets Twitter went into a frenzy this past Friday when fans noticed that the team is selling discounted jerseys on their website. This includes the team's current home and away uniforms that were introduced back in 2019.

While it was a fresh transformation at the time, these jerseys quickly grew stale. The Jets did not have much success in these uniforms, which is probably to blame for the distaste. Now Gang Green can look forward to bringing back an old design that aged beautifully. 

Jets Hit The Nail On The Head

New York introduced their “Legacy White” uniforms this season which paid homage to the Jets teams of the 80s and 90s. With two uniform changes since then, this jersey and logo concept is widely popular among the fanbase. Jets wore these uniforms in a select few games this season and now look to make the permanent switch in 2024.

While we still wait for an official announcement, ESPN radio host Jake Asman reports that the potential rebrand is a “done deal.”

As Asman also mentioned, the NFL has a rule that prohibits teams from changing their uniforms more than once during a five-year span. With New York entering the sixth season of their most recent rebrand, they are now free to make a change.

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