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Is This NFC North Team Poised To Shock The NFL?

The Bears have had a historically difficult time finding quarterbacks, but that drought seems to be ending as they have a chance to select one of the greatest quarterback prospects this decade, Caleb Williams. Here are some reasons the Bears could see a big jump this season.

Upgraded Receiver Core

When the Bears traded the number one pick last season to the Carolina Panthers, one of the biggest additions they received was wide receiver D.J. Moore. D.J. Moore put together four seasons receiving over 1,000 yards in his six-year career and has never had an above-average quarterback at any point in his career. Moore is a major asset to have for a quarterback and is one of the best route runners and elusive runners in the NFL.

Moore had a career year this season with Justin Fields, receiving for 1,364 yards and eight touchdowns. Along with Moore, the Bears also brought in Keenan Allen for a fourth-round pick.

When healthy, Keenan Allen is almost guaranteed to be a premiere route runner and receive for over 1,000 yards. While Allen is 31, he just came off one of the best years of his career with over 1,200 yards. Both Allen and Moore are premier route runners and can get lots of separation, making the life of their quarterback significantly easier. With Caleb Williams at quarterback, Chicago has the potential to be an elite passing offense.

New Offensive Coordinator

An addition that the Bears made that is flying under the radar is replacing Luke Getsy with Shane Waldron. Getsy had a difficult time calling plays that enhanced the quarterback's skillset and was a reason Justin Fields was never able to have the consistency of any top quarterbacks in the NFL. Fields wouldn't be utilized efficiently as a runner, and more of a burden was placed on him to be an elite passer, which isn't his skill set.

Waldron played a major part in revitalizing Geno Smith's career. Smith had a career year in touchdowns and passing yards with Waldron. Shane Waldron brings a west-coast innovative scheme that is a great fit for Caleb Williams and the Bears' offense.

Waldron will be able to run the entire offense, and with his experience developing quarterbacks, the Bears offense is poised for a big jump next season.

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