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Which Opposing Quarterbacks Will Give The Eagles A Hard Time in 2022?

The Eagles struggled against elite quarterbacks last season. Dak Prescott, Patrick Mahomes, and Tom Brady had easy days against the Eagles secondary. Quarterbacks such as Derek Carr and Justin Herbert also put-up good numbers against Philadelphia’s defense. Which opposing quarterbacks will give the Eagles a hard time in 2022?

Dak Prescott

-Week 6 and Week 16

The Cowboys have had the Eagles number in recent years. It starts with Dak Prescott who is 7-3 as a starter against the Eagles. Over the course of the ten matchups, Prescott has thrown for 2,410 yards, 16 touchdowns, and seven interceptions. His passer rating is 96.2 vs Philadelphia, and his rating was 100 or better in his five of his past six games against the Eagles.

Dak Prescott has excelled against the NFC East over the course of his six-year career. His record against the division is 25-6. The Eagles will need to find a way to beat him if they want to win the NFC East for the first time since the 2019 season.

Aaron Rodgers

-Week 12

The Eagles have historically struggled against Aaron Rodgers who has a career 4-2 record vs Philadelphia. In the six games, Rodgers has passed for 1,573 yards, 12 touchdowns, and just three interceptions. His passer rating against the Eagles is 105.7.

The Eagles have only played the Packers twice since 2016. Green Bay won 30-16 in 2020 and the Eagles won 34-27 in 2019. Aaron Rodgers usually puts up a lot of points, so the Eagles offense will have to be extremely efficient and mistake-free to keep up. Rodgers is also coming off back-to-back MVP seasons.

Kirk Cousins

-Week 2

The Eagles have not been able to figure out Kirk Cousins who is 6-3 against Philadelphia. Cousins went 4-3 vs the Eagles playing for Washington and 2-0 as a Minnesota Viking. His career numbers against the Eagles are 2,756 passing yards, 21 touchdowns, six interceptions, and a 104.9 passer rating.

The Eagles will welcome the Vikings to Philadelphia for their Week 2 home opener on Monday Night Football. Cousins has historically struggled in prime-time games and the Eagles will look to use their home field advantage.

Other Noteworthy Quarterbacks The Eagles Will Face

The Eagles have a few other quarterback matchups that could be very interesting.

Commanders QB Carson Wentz (former Eagles quarterback 2016-2020, Week 3 and Week 10)

Colts QB Matt Ryan (grew up in Southeastern PA, 4-5 record vs the Eagles, Week 11)

Steelers QB Kenny Pickett (grew up as an Eagles fan in South Jersey, Week 8)

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In Conclusion

Like any season, the Eagles will need to be ready to face some of the game’s best quarterbacks. Philadelphia does have an upgraded roster especially on defense which should help compared to last year.

The Eagles added depth to the defensive line and linebackers which should provide a better pass rush. Philadelphia also upgraded the secondary by adding veteran cornerback James Bradberry and safety Jaquiski Tartt. It will now be up to defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon to scheme the defense for these difficult matchups.

Which opposing quarterback are you most worried about? Let us know in the comments. Don’t forget to follow our new Facebook and Twitter pages!



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