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Which One Of The Jones Had The Best Game Against The Steelers On Sunday For The Patriots?

There were many questions going into the second game against the Pittsburgh Steeler. The Patriots had not lost the first two games of the season going back to 2021. That led to questions would quarterback Mac Jones rise up and dominate against the Steelers? Would Jonathon Jones be a true shutdown corner against the mighty Steelers offense? Finally, would either Marcus Jones or Jack Jones be a factor against the Steelers?

Patriots Quarterback Mac Jones Showed He Could Be Efficient Against The Steelers.

Quarterback Mac Jones took no time to try to establish the offense after a poor outing against Miami, and on his first drive led the Patriots on a 13-play drive netting 71 yards that ended in a field goal to take the lead three to zero. In his second possession, he made an errant pass overthrowing Davante Parker leading to a Minkah Fitzpatrick interception off a troubling decision to throw the ball into double coverage. Then, late in the first quarter, he led New England on an eight-play 74-yard drive that was capped off by an acrobatic 44-yard touchdown catch by Nelson Agholor to put the Patriots up 10-3.

Midway through the third quarter quarterback Mac Jones would help cap a three-play ten-yard drive to pull New England away from the Steelers 17-6. Quarterback Mac Jones finished the day with 252 yards with a touchdown and an interception leading his team to a victory and improving the Patriots to a 1-1 record.

Overall, while he showed good aggression and an ability to distribute the ball yet, he did make some uncharacteristic mistakes. He will need to work on finding the right balance between that aggression and his usual, practical play style. The use of the deep ball is an encouraging sign, as the Patriots look to evolve their offense.

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Coming Of A Solid Game Against Miami, Slowing Down Star Wideout Tyreek Hill, How Would Cornerback Jonathan Jones Do?

The Pittsburgh Steelers offense has a group of talented wide receivers such as wideouts Chase Claypool, Diontae Johnson, and rookie wide receiver George Pickens. Adding talented tight end Pat Freiermuth to that group, the Patriots’ secondary was posed with quite a challenge. Shutting them down, or at least slowing that group of pass catchers down, was essential to secure a win.

After comments made about Jonathan Jones’ elite shutdown skills by Pittsburgh coach Mike Tomlin earlier in the week, Jones was on the spot, had high expectations, and had his task cut out for him. He did not disappoint in terms of helping his defense, holding Chase Claypool to only four receptions for only 26 yards and zero touchdowns and Diontae Johnson to six receptions for 57 yards and zero touchdowns.

Overall, his play on Sunday was solid as he continues to build into the top leader on the team’s defense and in the secondary. His continued production is essential to the team, and especially after Tyreek Hill’s huge outing against Baltimore relative to how he did against Jones, Jonathan’s body of work this season has been quite impressive so far.

In The Battle of the Jones Which Patriots Rookie Would Step Up And Shine Against Pittsburgh?

Coming off the Miami Dolphins loss the previous Sunday, where rookie cornerbacks Jack Jones and Marcus Jones made their NFL debuts, they were both looking to evolve and play a bigger role. Marcus Jones was active but played sparingly against Miami in week one. Jack Jones was also active in week one and played more snaps than Marcus against the Dolphins and made some solid plays including almost making an interception, showing his agility, speed, and affinity for the ball.

Against the Steelers, Marcus wasn’t activated and didn’t play in the game. Cornerback Jack Jones played in his second against the Steelers registering two tackles one of them being a solo tackle. His size and athleticism, however, and his physical play helped the Patriots defense shut down the Steelers offense helping his team to a victory. Between the two Jones rookies, Jack appears to be leading the competition on Sundays.

It’s hard to tell, however, why Marcus isn’t getting playing time given his solid training camp and preseason. Furthermore, despite his excellent punt returning in college, he hasn’t gotten a chance to try out for that role, which has gone to Myles Bryant.

In Conclusion

Against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, quarterback Mac Jones proved that he is developing into a solid NFL starting quarterback in this league, and showed some shades of what a more aggressive version of the Patriots’ offense could be.

Even after making a few mistakes, he led his team to victory and won a must-win game to start the season with a 1-1 record. Going into the third game of the season, the Patriots and quarterback Mac Jones must face a dominant team in the Baltimore Ravens and will have to be on top of their game in order to be victorious.

Jon Jones is proving to be an excellent starting-caliber corner in this league and is limiting some of the best receivers in the NFL early. Jack Jones is starting to carve his place in the secondary as well, while Marcus needs to be given more playing time to prove himself.

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