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Where Can The Patriots Look For Appealing Trade Targets?

While it is still early in the season, trade talks should arrive in a few weeks. Here are some potential players the Patriots can try to get.

The Patriots have had a shaky start to the 2022 NFL season, and it just got worse with Mac Jones being sidelined. With a 29-0 win against the Lions, things are starting to look up again, but there are still some gaps to be addressed. New England’s roster doesn’t have enough playmakers, and they need to be looking for more talent to add to their roster. Here are three very productive players the Patriots can add before the trade deadline.

2. Roquan Smith

Roquan Smith and the Bears weren’t able to reach an extension, and the Bear’s star linebacker requested a trade before the season started. Roquan wasn’t traded, and he started this season on the Bears. However, New England can still make a move on him before the trade deadline. Roquan Smith is an extremely athletic, fast linebacker who has the ability to tackle. With New England pivoting towards a younger defense he’d be a perfect fit.

Another good reason why the Patriots should target Roquan Smith is because he is just about to his prime. New England has made a effort to get younger and faster, and getting Roquan Smith would just add to their new look defense. The Patriots already have star Matthew Judon for multiple seasons, and they have an upcoming potential star in Christian Barmore. Roquan would be playing with multiple playmakers on the defensive side of the ball, and he likely won’t be receiving all of the attention from offenses.

Roquan began his career in 2018, and he’s been a superstar since. He is now entering his fifth year, and so far throughout his career he has 578 tackles, 199 assisted tackles, 14.5 sacks, and six interceptions. Roquan Smith is a dynamic playmaker who would be a great fit with New England. Roquan would thrive in Bill Belichick’s scheme, and he’d be a massive boost for an already elite Patriots’ defense.

1. D.J. Moore

While D.J. Moore being available might have seemed unlikely, a bad chain of events for the Panthers has changed that. D.J. Moore has been frustrated with Baker Mayfield, and today, head coach Matt Rhule was fired. D.J. Moore has only recorded 197 yards through five games, and the Panthers have a brutal schedule ahead of them. If all goes south, D.J. Moore may be on the trade block.

If he’s available for trade, New England shouldn’t hesitate. D.J Moore has been a consistent 1,000 yard receiving threat since his second year, and he’s done it with average to below average quarterback like Cam Newton towards the end of his tenure with the Panthers, Teddy Bridgewater, and Sam Darnold, along with several other backup quarterbacks. D.J Moore is one of the most underrated receivers in the league, and he’s a true number one receiver. Giving Mac Jones an elite talent like D.J. Moore would be a great fit, and New England will finally have a consistent 1,000 yard receiver.

The one glaring need for the Patriots has been receiver one. While Jakobi Meyers has been an up-and-coming player for them, he likely isn’t the true number-one receiver every contending team needs. The same goes with the rest of what is a deep receiving core that lacks a true star. D.J. Moore is only 25, and he will help Mac reach his true potential. Until the Patriots get Mac Jones a truly elite receiver, they will likely never see how good Mac can be. This would be a great opportunity to get more dynamic on the offensive end and to finally fix the receiver position, which has a problem New England has had since their last year with Tom Brady.

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