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What Can We Take Away From Jack Leiter's MLB Debut?

The hype for Jack Leiter started back in 2021 when he was drafted second overall by the Texas Rangers. With his first start in the books, what can we take away from it and why are people so mixed in their opinions about it?

Jack Leiter takes the mound in his MLB Debut

Stat Line

Jack threw what most would say is a rough game in the box score.

  • Innings Pitched: 3.2

  • Hits: 8

  • Earned Runs: 7

  • Walks: 3

  • Strikeouts: 3

For his first outing, I would not say he threw any worse than expected. I watched Leiter pitch in Double-A for years and his first minor league game was just about the same. He struggled to find the zone and control his pitches due to the nerves and pressure of his debut and his lineage in baseball as the fourth member of his family to make the big times.

Leiter threw 85 pitches amounting to 16 balls and 3 walks. Most of those pitches were his four-seamer which amounted to 43 of them. Leiter has been known for liking his fastball and at times in the minors, it was nearly the only pitch he threw in the game.

Leody Taveras' Dropped Fly Ball

To give Leiter more credit, Leody Taveras dropped a fly ball in center field resulting in a two-run triple which helped lead Leiter's night to a close. The caught ball would have made for the 3rd out to close out the inning.

Leiter's imaginary stat line if that ball is caught?

  • Innings Pitched: 4

  • Hits: 6

  • Earned Runs: 4

  • Walks: 3

  • Strikeouts: 3

Not a spectacular game, but the fan base would probably accept that stat line a lot more than his true line.

Sending Jack Leiter Back To Triple-A

Just a day after his debut, Leiter was optioned back to Triple-A Round Rock by the Rangers.

Does this mean the end of Leiter for this year? I don't think so. Give him a month to get over the nerves and the crushing feeling this game may have brought him and he may bring out a whole new animal.

Do I think the Rangers need him as a starter?

Once again, I don't think so. Once the Rangers have all of their starters healthy, they will be stacked all set. However, if the Rangers were to turn Leiter into a closer, his fastball could prove dominant in the bigs as a powerful addition to their roster. But only time will tell for this rookie who has been working on his craft for years.

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