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One Month In, How Is The American League West Doing?

We are one month into the regular season and the Seattle Mariners hold first place in the American League West by one loss over the Texas Rangers. With the World Series Champion Texas Rangers in the division, you would think that the West was one to watch out for, but this first month has brought some doubts.

Julio Rodriguez walks back to the Mariners Dugout after striking out.

American League West Standings

  1. Seattle Mariners 15-13

  2. Texas Rangers 15-14

  3. Oakland Athletics 12-17

  4. Los Angeles Angels 10-18

  5. Houston Astros 9-19

What's wrong?

The West is currently seen as the worst overall division in the league with the leading teams of every other division sitting at 17,18, or 19 wins and second place following suit. You can try to point fingers at Houston who went from playoff dominators to now fourth overall in the league or at Los Angeles who went from a powerhouse with Ohtani and Trout to now sitting 10-18 with only three home wins, but every team has its faults.

Seattle Mariners

The Mariners have been a strong team in their last ten games going seven and three and winning their series over the Texas Rangers and Arizona Diamondbacks. They play the Atlanta Braves for their current series, and without a sweep, I think the Mariners can go into this second month of baseball with confidence that they will have a strong season.

Texas Rangers

My home team and the World Series Champions started this season well. Not great like everyone was hoping for but they were also a surprise last year when they won the World Series after a rough stretch of history since 2011. Texas had a rough stretch playing the Braves and Mariners back to back. The Rangers should look to up their confidence this series as they play the Washington Nationals.

Oakland Athletics

I feel for the Oakland Athletics players. They are battling a downhill fight with the current push from the fanbase for Owner John Fisher to sell the team and the low fan attendance at home games. They are 4-9 at home but 8-8 on the road. I'm rooting for these players to keep fighting and try to enjoy their season even with the controversy surrounding them.

Los Angeles Angels

The Angels are struggling. They are 1-9 for the last 10 games, 3-9 at home, and 7-9 on the road. After losing Ohtani in the offseason the hype for the Angels roster has truly fallen on Trout who is definitely out of his prime. I expect that the Angels will be rebuilding throughout the next few years and we could expect a struggle this season as the Angels will need to rely on young talent.

Houston Astros

As a Texas Rangers fan born and raised, I love to see the Astros struggle. But as a baseball fan who loves the power rivalry we saw the last 2 years in the Lone Star State battles. The Astros have been an offensive powerhouse for years but their rotation has weakened with ace Justin Verlander trying to hold the team together. The Astros have put up 122 runs but have given up 144 runs this season. The Astros need to lock in another strong starter or 2 to bring this season back. Whether that be via trades or by having current players improve.

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