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Two Lions Players Trending Up And Down After Week Three’s Embarrassing Loss

The Lions lost in extremely embarrassing fashion to the Minnesota Vikings in week three, blowing a 24-14 lead. There was a lot to criticize during the game, but there was also a lot of credit to be given throughout the game. So here are some players whose stock has risen and some whose stock has fallen.

Risers- Jeff Okudah, Lions Cornerback

Jared Goff, Lions Quarterback

Jeff Okudah, to start the season, has been nothing but spectacular. He started the year by not allowing a single catch to Devonta Smith, who has shown he’s an elite receiver in recent games. In week two through the first three quarters, he didn’t allow a single catch to Terry Mclaurin, even afterward he only allowed one catch for 7 yards in man coverage. Then today against the Vikings he held one of the league’s best receivers, Justin Jefferson, to only three catches for 14 yards. It’s time to give Okudah the credit he deserves as he’s playing like the player everyone thought he’d be out of college.

Jeff Okudah has some tough matchups in the next few games including D.K. Metcalf, Ceedee Lamb, and Tyreek Hill. These matchups are extremely unfavorable for Okudah being that they are some of the top talents at the receiver position and it’s not entirely clear yet if Okudah is ready to be a top cornerback in the league. however, if he wins at least 2 of these matchups, he may have made his case to be considered a franchise corner.

Jared Goff this season has proved the haters wrong about his game. Coming into the year everyone was concerned about what quarterback the Lions would draft in the 2023 NFL draft, now he’s showing his potential to be this team’s QB of the future. Up until the final drive where he panicked a bit, Goff played like an elite quarterback with some of the throws he was making. After spending a full season with Detroit, Goff has seemed more relaxed and comfortable with the team and coaching staff. Goff also currently has one of the best touchdown-interceptions ratios in the NFL.

Fallers- Amani Oruwariye, Lions Cornerback

Austin Seibert, Lions Kicker

Oruwariye was a penalty machine today, on top of that he couldn’t hang with Adam Thielen. He allowed Thielen to have a field day and the only time he could hang with him, he was getting a holding or pass interference penalty. Going into the season he was supposed to be Detroit’s clear-cut Number 1 Cornerback, now after 3 weeks, there are talks of him not even starting anymore.

Oruwariye said himself in a post-game interview that he believes some of the penalties were soft, but he also knows he needs to clean up his play. If he wants to stay starting on this team he needs to work on his shiftiness too, as that’s why Thielen was open so much. Oruwariye was an absolute lockdown last year, so it wouldn’t be surprising if he made a comeback. As of now though his stock is way down after the injury.

Seibert this game may have sold his chance at being the Lions starter all year. Going into the game Seibert was 100% in his field goal attempts, he proceeded to miss two big field goals where if he hit them the Lions would’ve won that game. In this league, if you want to start you can’t miss two field goals that ultimately cost you the game, in the next couple of weeks the Lions could definitely have a new starting kicker.

Just can't believe they put the game on Austin Seibert's foot. He's been inconsistent all camp from long distance. Going for it or even punting were far, FAR better options. Even if you go for it and fail, you save 10 yards of field position. Can't get behind that decision — Jeremy Reisman (@DetroitOnLion) September 25, 2022



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