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Top Three Reasons Why The Bills Make It To The Super Bowl

The Buffalo Bills are the NFL favorite to not only reach the Super Bowl but to win the whole thing. What is about the Bills that will make this a reality? Let’s discuss those reasons.

Buffalo and the Super Bowl, can you think of a greater more terrifying combination? Every Bills fan in their heart wants them to make it to the big game and take home the Lombardi. However, most of us (especially those alive in the 90s) still have some residual trauma from the four straight losses. While it’s true that they went to the Super Bowl a record four consecutive times should be a badge of pride, the fact they didn’t win at least one still stings.

That was thirty years ago, and many things have changed since then. The Bills have gone through the gauntlet and have come out better on the other side. There are lots of reasons to think that they will make it to the Super Bowl this year and here are the big three.

Bills’ Competition

To make it to the Super Bowl you must be able to beat any team in the conference. This year the AFC is competitive. Buffalo will likely need to defeat playoff contenders, such as the Kansas City Chiefs, Cincinnati Bengals, and Tennessee Titans. Other teams such as the Baltimore Ravens, Las Vegas Raiders, Denver Broncos, New England Patriots, and the Miami Dolphins have all improved during the offseason and are looking to take the leap to perennial playoff contenders.

The good news for the Bills is they got better too. Adding more key players to the defense and bringing up more players in the offense that have shined in the past few years have set the Bills up with the best roster in football. Last year the Bills beat the Chiefs in the regular season and were one slipped QB sneak away from beating the Titans. We know the Bills can stack up against any team.

While all of this might make it sound like the path to the Super Bowl got more difficult, the fact that all these teams must take each other out only helps the Bills. Battles within the AFC divisions got fiercer for everyone not named Buffalo. The Bills are still the favorites to top the AFC East and odds-on favorites to finish number one in the conference. This bodes well as the fewer games in the way to get to the Super Bowl the better.

Von Miller – Bills’ Edge Rusher

One of the ways the defense got better this offseason was the addition of Von Miller. The Bills’ defense was already great with a strong secondary and a good linebacking core and defensive line. The signing of Miller took the good parts of the defense and will only help to elevate them to greatness.

While Miller is listed on the roster as a defensive end his true position this year will likely be more of a hybrid role as an outside linebacker and edge rusher. His job is not just to get after the quarterback but to allow our other players to get after the quarterback. With Miller on the team, opposing offenses won’t be able to get blockers to the second level as easily, allowing Edmunds and the other linebackers to flow to the ball carrier and make plays in run defense. It gives players like Greg Rosseau and Ed Oliver more opportunities to get pressure on passing downs as well.

The other thing to point out is Miller just came from a championship team. For what it’s worth, he’s carrying the energy from that win in Los Angeles to Buffalo. Immediately, he fit right in joking and vibing with the other players on the team and bringing positivity. On top of that, he’s stepped into the role of mentor to our younger players, using his experience to help our defense get better.

Josh Allen – Bills’ Quarterback

Last on the list but number one in the hearts of all Bills fans is Josh Allen. Since coming into the league in 2018 he has brought nothing but hope and optimism to this fanbase. He’s one of the top players in the league and you can tell when watching him that he loves his job. Simply put, his exceptional playing ability and fervent love of playing for Buffalo will take the Bills to the Super Bowl. Enough said.

The above reasons should be enough to convince just about anyone that the Bills have an outstanding chance to get to the Super Bowl. But it’s not just me, Vegas has the Bills as the number one team to make it and so do most of the NFL analyst, pundits and reporters. The Bills are a well-coached, well-rostered team that will certainly make the playoffs. Additionally, the signing of Von Miller, the lack of direct competition, and the always great Josh Allen is enough to make any fan “Billieve”.

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