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Three Players The Lions Could Try To Trade For Before The Trade Deadline

The NFL trade deadline is almost here, and the Lions could use a lot of help across the defense. The trade deadline is typically for underperforming teams to get what they can out of their players and go into a complete rebuild. While the Lions are a team that is underperforming, they have a bright future ahead and likely wouldn’t want to sell any of their pieces. However, there are some young players on the block that Detroit could try and trade for to improve the team for the now, and the future.

One- Brian Burns, Edge Rusher Carolina Panthers

Brian Burns has been one of the league’s best young pass rushers since entering the league. Through his first three years in the league, he put up 25.5 sacks and 55 Quarterback hits and already has four sacks this year. Burns has been the only pass-rushing threat on the panthers, other than one year of Haason Reddick, and has been consistently winning his reps. He brings a presence to a defense that makes everyone play better, not a lot of players have that.

The Panthers have been one of the league’s biggest disappointments, and are expected to be selling going into the deadline. The Lions have many problems on defense, but the biggest is probably pass-rush. The addition of Burns would greatly elevate the pressure the Lions would generate, and could maximize Aidan Hutchinson’s potential. The Lions are also one of the few teams that have the assets to trade for him and have the money to resign him. With the asking price likely being the Rams’ first and a fourth round pick.

Two- Derrick Brown, Defensive Tackle Carolina Panthers

Derrick Brown, so far throughout his NFL career hasn’t really lived up to the top ten selection that he was. Even though he hasn’t lived up to expectations though, he has still been a solid player on the defensive line. He has been an excellent run stuffer throughout his career, which is extremely overlooked as he was drafted as more of a pass rusher. He has led the Panthers to have a decent run defense with him being the only good player on the interior line.

The same situation with Burns, the Panthers will likely have a fire sale at the end of the trade deadline, and Derrick Brown is a guy who would fit the Lions well. Detroit has by far the worst run defense in the NFL so getting another guy alongside Alim Mcneil would be extremely beneficial for what they can do. On top of that, Brown is still on his rookie deal so it wouldn’t affect the Lions’ cap situation that much. A player like Brown wouldn’t cost too much to acquire, but also not too little because of his age. A third or fourth-round pick would make sense for him.

Three- Byron Murphy, Cornerback Arizona Cardinals

Byron Murphy throughout his career has been a very solid corner, but never really an elite-level guy. This year, however, Murphy has had a very down year for his standards, as he has been the only guy in the secondary that’s decent. The Cardinals have lost most of their secondary pieces in both free agency and to injuries, forcing Murphy to play as an outside corner. Murphy is more built for a slot role, which is where he has played his whole career up until this year.

The Cardinals are one of those teams that have been very disappointing to start the year and could ship off some pieces they aren’t confident in. Murphy is due for a contract extension after this season, and the Cardinals might not have the salary cap to make a commitment to him. However, the Lions do, and they also have a huge need at slot corner. The cost for Murphy probably wouldn’t be too high, a fourth or fifth would probably get the job done.



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