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Three Games The Patriots Must Win To Prove They Belong In The 2022 Playoffs

The Patriots have multiple exciting games on their schedule. However, here are three games they need to win to show they are a viable playoff team.

Evaluating the Patriots heading into 2022 is very tough. Many teams in the AFC have had terrific off-seasons and have incorporated more star talent into their team. Most of the teams are going all in for the next season.

New England’s schedule isn’t very hard, and there are some games they will need to win to send a message to other teams. So here are three games the Patriots must win to show that they are good enough to be in the 2022 NFL playoffs.

Patriots Vs. Colts

While the Colts didn’t make the playoffs last season, they definitely should be considered a playoff team. They were extremely close to making the playoffs last season. The Colts have arguably the best running back in the game with Jonathan Taylor, a great defense, and a solid receiving core. The Colts have also added veteran Matt Ryan, who is in an excellent position to win their division. New England needs to prove they can beat good teams. They fell short against the Colts last season, but they must beat them in 2022.

The Colts have a similar build to the Patriots; they are both built on running the football and good defense. New England has a few question marks on their roster, and beating a well-balanced roster like the Colts would significantly boost them. Beating the Colts would also show that the Patriots can compete and beat well-built teams.

Patriots Vs. Bengals

The AFC is loaded with the quarterback and receiving talent, and the Bengals are no exception. Joe Burrow had a fantastic year connecting with Ja’Marr Chase. New England needs to beat the Bengals to show they can match up with star power. In addition, New England has made an effort to become faster on defense, which will give them a better chance against explosive offenses in the AFC.

New England winning this game can again show that they can match up with elite teams in the NFL. If New England can get into a shootout and win or limit the Bengals’ offense, it’s a great sign for them. Beating a good team like the Bengals will help prove that the Patriots have a good enough team to make and compete in the playoffs. In addition, the Patriots have an opportunity to show that coaching and good defense can still be a recipe for winning even against the current explosive offenses in the NFL.

Patriots Vs. Bills

This is likely the best chance New England has to show they are a playoff-caliber team. The Bills have arguably the best roster in the NFL, along with excellent coaching. The Patriots struggled against the Bills in the last two games against them. New England had difficulty keeping up with the Bills, and they couldn’t even get them off the field. New England couldn’t slow down Josh Allen, and they had the infamous game where they couldn’t force the Bills’ offense to punt. As mentioned before, the Patriots don’t have the talent of the top teams in the NFL, which allows them to make a big statement against the Bills.

As mentioned before, the Patriots have made an effort to become a faster and younger team. This will help them significantly against the Bills. Josh Allen is a great scrambling quarterback; containing him was challenging for the Patriots. If New England can beat the Bills, they have the opportunity to beat any team in the NFL. The Bills have a well-balanced roster, and if the Patriots can beat them, they undoubtedly belong in the 2022 NFL Playoffs.

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