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This New England Patriot Is Primed To Have A Big Revenge Game.

The wait is almost over, the NFL is back this Sunday, and I couldn’t be more excited to see the Patriots back in action. New England has a familiar week one opponent in the Dolphins, and one Patriot has a score to settle against “The Fins.”

DeVante Parker was not only traded inside the conference but the division as well; this shows how little faith Miami had in their former first-round selection. The Dolphins camp said they allowed Parker to choose his next team when the deal was made, but it feels like he was shipped out and seen as washed.

Parker is the same age as Keenan Allen (29) and hasn’t had a significant knee injury in his career. No one is saying that Keenan Allen is washed up; the same should be said for Parker. Although Michael Thomas (29) hasn’t caught a touchdown in almost two years, I understand that Thomas and Allen had higher peaks. Still, Parker has shown top production before when healthy.

Why DeVante Parker Is The Patriots’ X-Factor

DeVante Parker can be used in various ways depending on how the game unfolds. He has a career yards per reception of 14, meaning he can get downfield and be productive on the outside. The Patriots’ offense has lacked these things for a couple of seasons. Additionally, his six-foot-three frame allows him to high point his 50/50 balls and have a large catch radius making Mac’s life somewhat more manageable. This frame also allows him to be a red zone threat.

Parker had a down year in 2021. Despite that, he still ranked top 25 in true catch rate (total receptions divided by catchable targets). Parker was also top 20 in contested catch rate last year; Tua wasn’t as willing to throw the toss-up ball as Ryan Fitzpatrick was in 2019. We have seen Mac test his timing and accuracy by throwing into tight windows.

Bill Belichick brought DeVante in as the top receiver on the offense; I’m not sure if he will play every game this season, but he should significantly impact this Dolphins match-up. In addition, Parker has the size advantage over both Miami cornerbacks.

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Which Dolphins Corner Gets The Assignment? Does It Matter?

Xavien Howard is the most talented of the Dolphins’ corners, and while Byron Jones has some more length, he won’t be playing on Sunday due to injury, so Xavien will likely be the primary match-up. DeVante Parker knows the Dolphins’ secondary well, as he’s practiced against them time and time again. In addition, he has shown up in other big division games against elite CBs, such as Tre’White and Stephon Gilmore.

He has two inches of height and reach on these corners and should be able to use that as a significant advantage. In addition, I believe he will move around the formation on offense, so Parker should have his chance to make plays against Howard.

Motivation is a highly underrated aspect of football, especially when the player is talented. Parker has proven he is talented. Being traded by the team that drafted him to their rivals because they don’t see him as a threat is the perfect way to motivate him to have a stellar performance in his first appearance in front of the home crowd at Gillette.


DeVante Parker is ready to come back and remind the NFL and the Dolphins that he is a talented player they shouldn’t have sent to a competitor. The Patriots need everything they can get from Parker if they want to start the season with a win. I predict the Patriots will win 24-17, and DeVante Parker has seven receptions, 94 yards, and two touchdowns, including the go-ahead game-winner. I can’t see Belichick losing to a division team for the third consecutive time.

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