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The Philadelphia Phillies Unveil New Uniforms

It was an exciting day for Philadelphia Phillies fans and the team with the unveiling of the new 2024 City Connect uniforms. The new uniforms are a stark difference compared to the traditional look the team has donned for over a century. So, what does this special edition uniform represent?

These eye-catching jerseys, designed in collaboration with Nike, pay homage to the vibrant city of Philadelphia.

  • Inspiration from the City Flag: The gradient uniforms draw inspiration from the yellow and blue flag that represents the city. Philadelphia’s rich history and unchanging city flag provided the perfect foundation for this fresh design. Nike creatively incorporated gradations of color, resulting in a striking visual effect.

  • Breaking Tradition: Unlike the classic Phillies jerseys—home pinstripes, road grays, alternate creams, and powder blue alternates—the City Connect uniforms feature something new: “Philly” written across the chest. This bold script combines the city’s legacy with a modern twist, capturing both tradition and innovation.

  • Behind the Scenes: The journey to these uniforms spanned three years of collaboration with Nike. Regular meetings, objectives, and creative brainstorming led to the final design. The Phillies wanted to break away from the norm, and the City Connect uniforms achieved just that.

Additional Notes On The Phillies New Look

The midnight blue cap and helmet feature a matte finish, which was a player-requested touch. The Liberty Bell with two yellow stars graces the cap and helmet. Inside the bell, a midnight blue city skyline meets a light blue sky.

The Phillies will wear the new city connect uniforms for every Friday home game beginning on April 12th.


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