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The Patriots Cannot Do This In The NFL Draft

The Patriots have glaring roster issues heading into the 2024 draft, and there are several ways they can approach the draft. However, one way they cannot go is to stay with pick three and take a non-quarterback. 

Fantastic Quarterback Prospect

Currently, Drake Maye is projected to be there at three for New England, if this is the case, the Patriots would be best served to draft him. Drake Maye provides a 6'4 frame with elite arm talent. Maye can make any throw on the field, and he was able to throw his receivers open in critical moments, which is increasingly important with New England lacking elite receivers.

Maye has a Justin Herbert-like NFL comparison and certainly has the potential to be a star quarterback in the NFL. The 2025 quarterback class is still relatively unproven to this point, and Drake Maye will likely be the best quarterback the Patriots will be in a position to take in the next two years. Maye's upside alone should make him extremely difficult to pass up on.

A quarterback can single-handedly turn around an entire NFL franchise, and in a good quarterback class, a quarterback must be prioritized. If New England does take a quarterback with pick three, the rest of their draft should be heavily focused on offensive pieces like receiver and tackle to build a good supporting cast.

Accumulate Assets 

If New England decided not to go with a quarterback, they would be best served to trade down and accumulate more assets going forward into the future. As mentioned earlier, the Patriots have a large amount of needs, especially on the offensive side of the football. A team would easily give up three first-round picks for the number three overall pick.

A candidate to trade up to three is the Vikings. If this deal was to happen, New England would have the #11 and #23 pick, which they could use to address receiver and offensive line and end up taking a quarterback in the later rounds.


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