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Taysom Hill Is Still The Saints Swiss Army Knife

Taysom Hill has long been in his role as a gadget player in the Saints offense. After a brief stint at quarterback, Hill is back where he belongs as an ace up the Saints’ sleeve.

Saints “Secret” Weapon

Taysom Hill is regularly brought in during games to run some sort of gadget play, whether it be a route or a run play. Time and time again the Saints find success when he is on the field. What I find astonishing is how consistently successful Taysom Hill is when he touches the field.

New Orleans Saints Taysom Hill with the 57-yard run 🤩 — Sideline the Agenda (@SidelineAgenda) September 11, 2022

Whenever the Swiss Army Knife is in on offense, the majority of the time you will see him lined up at quarterback, wildcat if you want to get positionally technical. He usually runs a read option or a shotgun snap, either way, nine times out of ten, he is not looking to throw. Hill will pull it and barrel through the linebackers or stiff arm your favorite safety on his way to the first down. He will even throw a hurdle in there from time to time.

What about the few times he does throw the ball? Well, Hill’s arm isn’t something to ignore either. After all, he is kind of a quarterback. In his, career Hill has 2,025 yards for eight touchdowns and eight interceptions along with a 64.2 completion percentage. Not the most eye-popping numbers, but when you pair it with everything else he does on the field it, should be considered nothing less than impressive. Watch: Taysom Hill causes problems for defenses for all of 2021

It seems like no matter what formation the offense is in; Taysom Hill finds a way to make a play with the ball in his hands. What about when the ball is in the other team’s hand?

A Special Kind Of Player

Hill is the Swiss Army Knife, you would think was only be limited to offense, right? Over the past few seasons, we have seen Hill not only on the offensive side of the ball but getting some reps on special teams as well. Taysom Hill has the following in his resume:

  1. Passing Touchdown

  2. Rushing Touchdown

  3. Receiving Touchdown

  4. Punt Block

  5. Kick Return

How many backup quarterbacks have a list like this? Additionally, how many quarterbacks have run a 4.4 40-yard dash? Taysom Hill is one of one in the NFL. All the Saints have to do now is throw him out on defense. Just kidding…unless…

Why He Works

Besides the fact that he is a freak athlete and is extremely talented, Taysom Hill is utilized so well because of his small sample size. He is not a three down back nor is he getting 20 carries per game. The Saints aren’t relying on him to throw the entire game and be the franchise quarterback. He is not a tight end that is going to be blocking linebackers and defensive ends all game. He is a multi-positional player, but his number of reps are keeping him from overexposure and possible injury.

Saints fans are extremely lucky to watch a player as fun as Taysom Hill. We as fans have not really seen a player quite like him and it is a blast to watch him cause chaos on the field every Sunday.

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