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Stefanski Is A Genius When It Comes To This Rule

Training camp is a rough time for many NFL players and when they have joint practices with other NFL teams it can even be worse. There are many fights during joint practices because you get to hit someone who is not your teammate for two hours for a couple of days and there will be times when it gets out of hand.

Cleveland Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski has a rule when it comes to joint practices.

If a starter is in a fight he now has to play in the upcoming preseason game.

If it's a backup who's fighting for a roster spot he now can't play in the upcoming preseason game.

Stefanski's Rule Is Awesome

This is a genius rule. Fighting in joint practices is not the way to go and Stefanski wants to make sure that doesn't happen. If you fight during practices that means there is a high chance something will happen during a game which could result in a loss.

If you are a starter there is no way you want to play in a preseason game when all your buddies have the night off and if you are fighting for a roster spot you have to play to show the coaches what you have and other teams around the league.


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