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Steelers Make Big Blockbuster Trades At The Deadline

In a somewhat shocking move, Chase Claypool was traded away to the Chicago Bears. In return, the Steelers got a second-round pick (Chicago’s own pick, not the one they received in the trade sending Roquan Smith to Baltimore). Chicago will pair Claypool with Darnell Mooney, a WR taken three rounds later in the same draft class. The duo will be nothing to scoff at, with 6’4 Chase Claypool providing the thunder and the ever-so-shifty Darnell Mooney supplying the lightning. The Bears are looking for the young WRs to help last year’s first-round pick Justin Fields develop into a star quarterback, and the Steelers provided just that.

On the contrary, Pittsburgh could not be happier right now. After spending a second-round pick on what would happen to be Claypool’s replacement in George Pickens, they got that pick right back. The Steelers put out word right before the deadline that they would not be moving Claypool unless they got a second-round choice, the same round in which they selected him in the 2020 draft, in exchange. Even better, the Jacksonville Jaguars traded a second-round pick for superstar Calvin Ridley, a receiver who is undoubtedly better than Claypool, making the trade look even more significant on the Steelers’ end.

In a slightly smaller move, Pittsburgh also traded for William Jackson III and a 2025 seventh-round selection from the Washington Commanders, and all it took was a 2025 sixth-round pick. Jackson looked like a promising player the past few years, but he has struggled heavily this year. Before getting benched after the week five loss to the Titans, Jackson had allowed the second-most yards in the league, and the Commanders have been reported saying that they were going to cut him if they could not find a potential suitor by the deadline. Pittsburgh did not want to take that risk, though, possibly showing fans that they have something in store that could help him turn his season around.

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