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Staff Predictions: Commanders And NFL – 2022 Season

With the 2022 NFL season starting this week, it’s time for some predictions from the staff here at Commanders Capitol.

All the staff members here at Commanders Capitol were asked to predict Division/Conference/Super Bowl winner’s along with individual awards. Interestingly enough, everyone picked the same winner in the NFC North and West, as well as the AFC East and North. For everything else, there was at least one difference among the group.

Staff Predictions

Four writer’s made picks: Emmanuel King (EK), Philip Hughes (PH), Pedro Schmith (PS), and Michael Castello (MC).

NFC East – Commanders (EK), Eagles (PH, PS), Cowboys (MC), NFC NorthEverybody went Packers NFC South – Saints (EK, PH, MC), Bucs (PS) NFC WestEverybody went Rams NFC Wild Cards – Niners, Cowboys, Bucs (EK), Commanders, Niners, Bucs (PH), Commanders, Cardinals, Cowboys (PS), Buccaneers, Vikings, Cardinals (MC) NFC Champion – Rams (EK, PH), Bucs (PS), Packers (MC)

AFC EastEverybody went Bills AFC NorthEverybody went Ravens AFC South – Colts (EK, PS, MC), Titans (PH) AFC West – Broncos (EK), Chargers (PH, MC), Chiefs (PS) AFC Wild Cards – Chargers, KC, Titans (EK), Chiefs, Dolphins, Bengals (PH), Chargers, Broncos, Dolphins (PS), Chiefs, Broncos, Steelers (MC) AFC Champion – Bills (EK, PH, PS), Ravens (MC)

Super Bowl Champion – Bills (EK, PH, PS), Packers (MC) 1st Pick in the Draft – Texans (EK), Jets (PH), Falcons (PS), Seahawks (MC)

Comeback POY – Derrick Henry (EK, PH), Christian McCaffery (PS), Marcus Mariota (MC) Coach of the Year – Nathaniel Hackett (EK), Sean McDermott (PH, PS), John Harbaugh (MC) Offensive ROY – George Pickens (EK), Breece Hall (PH), Garrett Wilson (PS), Jalen Tolbert (MC) Defensive ROY – Aidan Hutchinson (EK, PH, PS), Kyle Hamilton (MC) Offensive POY – Josh Allen (EK), Justin Jefferson (PH, MC), Cooper Kupp (PS) Defensive POY – Nick Bosa (EK), Myles Garrett (PH, PS), Joey Bosa (MC) MVP – Josh Allen (EK, PH, PS), Matthew Stafford (MC)



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