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Six Most Hated Super Bowl Halftime Performances of All-Time

The NFL Super Bowl is commonly known for its halftime shows. Once a year, an artist is allowed to display and showcase their talent to millions of fans. With this offer, the National Football Association puts its reputation on the line because the artist it chose will determine how fans see their image. On the contrary, if a performer has an outstanding halftime performance, they will attract more lifelong fans while helping the National Football Association grow its audience. There have been six performers who damaged or even destroyed their image when they starred in the Super Bowl halftime show.

6. Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake Duo:

In 2004, Justin Timberlake exposed Janet Jackson's breasts by ripping her outfit on live television as a public stunt. Jackson was embarrassed when millions of people saw her on live television and in public with her nipples exposed during the XXXVII halftime show. As of today, the only thing that fans remember about the XXXVII halftime show is the fact Janet Jackson was exposed.

Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction" ruined her image and career as a singer, but Justin Timberlake wasn't negatively impacted by this event alone. Overall the performance and music were good, but this duo made the list because future generations will never talk about it.

5. The Who:

In 2010, a retired band called The Who played in the XLIV halftime show. The lead singer Roger Daltrey sang with a scratchy throat and the drummer was off-beat the entire performance. The crowd was also confused about when they were supposed to sing along which made people watching from their houses change the channel.

Due to the fact that The Who was already retired, the bad halftime show performance isn't the only factor why people don't listen to them anymore. After this performance, fans decided not to watch the halftime show anymore which is why The Who deserves a spot on this list.

4. The Black Eye Peas:

In 2011, the Black Eyed Peas had an embarrassing act in the LXV halftime show. The crowd noticed that the performers were using audio and they were lip-syncing their music. The dancing was offbeat and they didn't display a lot of energy in their performance which made fans excited for the halftime show to end.

With fans desperate for better artists after the XLIV performance, they didn't receive any art at all which made the NFL and the Black Eye Peas lose more fans. Today people question whether the Black Eye Peas even made their own music which earned them a spot at number four in one of the worst halftime performances of all time.

3. Indiana Jones Fight Scene:

In 1995, Disney decided to partner with the NFL and make an Indiana Jones-themed fight scene at the XXIX halftime performance to promote a new ride that was coming to Disneyland. Artists Patti LaBelle and Tony Bennet were in the middle of the fight scene while trying to sing a song which looked weird to the viewers.

Since the Indiana Jones Halftime show didn't focus on talent and the cast felt uncomfortable performing, it's obvious why the XXIX halftime show is mentioned on this list.

2. Winter Magic Performance:

In 2000, the NFL showed the Winter Magic Super Bowl and it motivated viewers to change the channel. The Winter Magic performance started with a group of dancers who were crowded on a small stage and looked like they didn't practice a routine. Afterward, an Olympic ice skater tried to ice skate on the same stage and didn't have any room to perform any of her feats. At the end of the XXIV Super Bowl halftime performance, Gloria Estefan started to perform, but most of the viewers changed the station to a show called, "In Living Color".

Due to the last-minute performance and sloppy routine, the Super Bowl XXIV halftime show was one of the worst performances of all time.

1. Elvis Presto:

In 1989, a magician named Elvis Presto impersonated Elvis Presley in the XXIII Super Bowl halftime show. Fans from all over the country were outraged because Elvis Presto was lip-singing Presley's music after he died almost a decade ago. Presto also did card tricks and played with fire to make up for his lack of originality.

Elvis Presto is the worst Super Bowl halftime performer because he impersonated a dead artist and took credit for his work. The first magic trick Elvis Presto should've done for the crowd was to disappear.

Although some of these performances didn't impact all of the artists, they still damaged the reputation of the National Football Association. Some NFL fans are hesitant to watch another halftime performance and other artists like Taylor Swift and Cardi B refused to perform at any of them. More artists will continue to reject this offer which will continue to hurt the NFL.


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