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If We Look Closely Enough, Brock Purdy Was Always Relevant

Brock Purdy was born on December 27, 1999, in Queen Creek, Arizona. Purdy attended Penny High School and was offered several scholarships from various universities. He attended Iowa State University from 2018-2021 and was drafted by the San Francisco 49ers the following year. At the beginning of Purdy’s career, everyone called him “Mr. Irrelevant” and now he is one of the most relevant players the San Francisco 49ers have.

The Gifted and Athletic Scholar

Purdy made a name for himself when he played football at Penny High School. During his senior year, he set a 27-13 record and was named Gatorade’s Football Player of the Year. Penny High School also named Brock Purdy “The Arizona Republic’s High School Player of the Year”. Brock Purdy left a reputation at Penny High School that the next generation of students will remember.

In 2018, Purdy attended Iowa State University where he majored in communications and graduated with a 3.66 GPA. In 2020, Purdy won the PlayStation Fiesta Bowl Offense MVP for completing 20-29 passes, running 307 yards, and helping his college beat the University of Oregon 34-17. During the duration of Purdy’s time at Iowa State University, he won various awards for his class performance and his reputation as a quarterback. Purdy graduated from Iowa State University with a total of 12,000 yards, 81 touchdowns, 66% of completed passes, and only 33 interceptions.

Mr. Irrelevant helps the 49ers Become Relevant

In 2022, Brock Purdy didn’t stand out when he was selected in the NFL Draft, Purdy was the last pick for the draft, and he got the name Mr. Irrelevant because nobody saw anything special in him. Coach Shanahan was forced to let Brock Purdy play as a quarterback after Terry Lance and Jimmy Garoppolo were unable to play for the rest of the 2022-2023 season in the 13th week of the game.

Mr. Irrelevant became the most relevant player in the 49ers when he helped them crush the Philadelphia Eagles with a score of 31-7. During Purdy’s time in the 2022-2023 season, he threw 13 touchdowns and helped the 49ers win the conference championships two years in a row. In the 2023-2024 season, Purdy helped San Francisco reach the Super Bowl and ended the season with 69% completed passes, 4,280 yards, and 31 touchdowns.

Brock Purdy was underestimated by his team and his fans when he first joined the San Francisco 49ers. Now Purdy is the most important player in his team.


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