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Revisiting My Three Packers Predictions From Last Season

Last season I made a few predictions about the outcome of the season. Below is a recap of what I got right versus what I got wrong. How many Packers predictions came true?

Back in early November of 2021, as I was starting to write Packers articles for the first time on my own, I made a couple of predictions about the final eight games of the season. As we are in the preseason bye week, I figured I should take a look back and see what I was right about, where I went wrong, and also give some early predictions for this season.

My First Prediction: Davante Adams And Aaron Jones Both Eclipse 1,000 Yards For The Packers

Davante Adams is arguably the best receiver in the NFL and despite missing a game due to COVID this year, he should easily pass the 1,000-yard marker. Adams is coming off his worst game of the season but only needs slightly under three hundred yards with eight games left. Aaron Jones is past the halfway mark just over 500 yards and should be able to manage. This doesn’t include the fact he has made big plays in the receiving game as well. Jones has 753 total yards and seven total touchdowns so far this season.

I was certainly right about Davante Adams. The now former Packers wide receiver had 1,553 yds and 11 touchdowns last season and would have been crowned the league’s best receiver had Cooper Kupp not had a record-breaking season. Aaron Jones on the other hand did surpass 1,000 total yards although he finished with only 799 rushing yards as AJ Dillon eventually was Green Bay’s leading rusher at the end of the season. This prediction was correct!

The Packers Finish The Season With A Top Five Defense

“The Packers have never been known for having a good defense. But this year, new defensive coordinator Joe Berry has been making things work. The Packers’ defense has held firm since allowing 38 points to the Saints in Week 1. They just held the undefeated Cardinals to 24 points and the usually explosive Chiefs offense to 13 points in back-to-back road games. Green Bay’s defense should stay strong as they get key players back.”

According to Pro Football Reference, the Packers’ defense finished 13th overall in the league. So although the prediction is wrong, let’s not overlook how great the defense was this season despite losing some key players such as Jaire Alexander. The defense looks to be stronger and elite this season. This prediction was incorrect.

The Packers Are The #1 Seed

This is a good prediction. This week showed the flaws in most NFC contenders. The Cowboys got destroyed at home to the Broncos, the Rams embarrassed themselves against the Titans, New Orleans lost to the Falcons, and the rest of the NFC North beside the Lions, who are on bye, lost. Tampa Bay was also on bye and the Cardinals, who won, were the only contenders not to fall. The Packers have a tough schedule ahead but most of their road games are over. They can take down Seattle at home and sneak a road win in Minnesota.

The Packers could drop a game or two to the Rams and Ravens. If the Packers can start fast and tighten up on defense, they can stop Stafford and Los Angeles like Tennessee did. The Packers’ run defense isn’t great and it will be challenging against Baltimore but the biggest issue is special teams. A big reason they lost to Kansas City was due to special teams and that could lead to a surprise loss to a team like Chicago or Detroit. Half of Green Bay’s final eight games are against divisional rivals, which have a combined 6-19 record.”

Bingo! Once again the Packers finished as the number one seed when many thought they would win 10-12 games but instead, we finished 13-4, tied with Tampa Bay but held the tiebreaker. After this prediction, Green Bay took down Seattle in the infamous Russell Wilson return and shutout game. We then split both games with Minnesota, actually beating both the Rams and Ravens, and I was right about special teams. Along with playing a big factor in our playoff loss to the 49ers, we can’t forget the 45-30 SNF game against the Bears where Jakeem Grant ran all over us on the returns. Hopefully this year, we can get the #1 seed and win the Super Bowl.

My Three Predictions For The Packers In The 2022 Season

So those were my Packers season predictions in November 2021 and most of them came true. Before this season starts on Sunday, here are three of my predictions for the first three games of the season. And as always, make sure to keep checking out new articles weekly on Cheesehead Checkdown!

Prediction one: Packers take over Bears for most wins in NFL history after a Week two victory.

This would mean Green Bay eeks out a road victory in Minnesota while securing another victory against Chicago. The Bears would also lose to the 49ers in Week one which seems very likely.

Prediction two: Packers struggle in Tampa Bay once again, lose to the Buccaneers.

I am crossing my fingers this does not happen again, but I feel like it will. Every time Aaron Rodgers plays in Florida, he doesn’t have his best day. e.g., 38-3 loss to Saints in Jacksonville last year, 38-10 loss in Tampa Bay in 2020. I’m predicting 230 yards, one touchdown, and one interception day for Rodgers while Brady gets picked off twice but throws three short touchdown passes and 400-plus yards.

Prediction three: Packers’ defense holds all three teams to less than 24 points.

Although I am projecting a loss in Tampa, I do think the Packers’ defense is way better than it was the last time they played the Buccaneers. I think Green Bay starts 2-1 and can hold Justin Jefferson and the Vikings offense, along with Mike Evans and the Buccaneers to less than 24 points. The Bears should be a bit easier although the team allowed 30 points last time they met Chicago.

These are my Week 1-3 Packers predictions. I plan on checking back in a couple of weeks to evaluate where I was right and wrong at. As always, injuries can happen and hopefully the green and gold stay out of the blue tent this season. Once fully healthy, this team can go to new heights, especially if the receivers surprise all of us and Rodgers secures another MVP season.

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