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Reacting To Jalen Hurts’ Comments On The Recent Gun Tragedies 

On Friday, June 3, the Philadelphia Eagles recognized National Gun Violence Awareness Day. This day took an even more important role this year with the recent high-profile mass shootings around the nation and violence in the Philadelphia area.  

Eagles players used their platform as well-known athletes to speak out against the problem and advocate for change. One of those players is Eagles quarterback, Jalen Hurts. What did Hurts say about gun violence and will it make an impact?

Jalen Hurts On Gun Violence 

Jalen Hurts was asked about gun violence in a press conference at the NovaCare complex which is also on the team’s website:

“We have a lot of stuff going on in our world right now. A lot of very unfortunate, fatal things and events and deaths. And when I sit back and think about all of that, it’s…what’s happened in Buffalo, Uvalde and Tulsa, whether it’s a grocery store, a hospital, an elementary school… Fear… That’s no place for fear… Fear doesn’t belong in those places, and me sitting here, a big brother, a big cousin… I can’t even imagine my little cousins not coming home from school, my little sister not coming home from school, my dad not coming home from work… You see what we’re doing here at the Eagles, trying to bring awareness to it and it’s a real thing. I know that a lot of people out there in this community and in the world can relate to that… I just… I just feel like I wanted to own my impact with that because I know it’s something that we all feel and ultimately impacts everybody.  

“I know everyone sitting here may have kids, may have someone they love, and it all matters, so whether that be just spreading love, preaching what you have, but ultimately getting this artillery off the streets and making true change, and that’s something that we urge in all of our communities. In the community of Philadelphia, over 40 people passing away this weekend, it’s gotta change, you know… it’s gotta change… just…”

He was then asked what drove his desire to speak out on the issue.

“It’s my duty. this is the least that I can do, is to try and bring awareness to it. Obviously, we all know what’s going on, we see what’s going on. It starts with every one of us — everyone has their own unique way that they can make change — but ultimately what are you doing to try and influence the right things to be done?”

Reflecting On His Words

Even as a professional athlete, Jalen Hurts can relate to what many Americans are going through now which is fear. In many of the recent mass shootings, people were going about their everyday lives. In Buffalo, residents were trying to feed their families at the neighborhood grocery store. In Uvalde, innocent kids were finishing up the school year and excited for the summer break. These are places that should be safe and where there should be no fear. 

Jalen Hurts like everyone else has a family and friends he cares about. People should not have to worry about themselves and others in public settings like that. He also recognizes the problem is at home in Philadelphia. Hurts wants to urge everyone to do their part to help spark some change.

What Have The Eagles Done? 

The Philadelphia Eagles helped to recognize National Gun Violence Awareness Day. The players wore orange shirts at practice, and they were auctioned off for two local charities. Mothers in Charge supports families that were impacted by violence and Frontline Dads helps to support at-risk youth. These two agencies are helping in the prevention, intervention, and education of anti-violence across the Philadelphia area.

The Eagles used Lincoln Financial Field to host a gun buyback. This was conducted by the Philadelphia Police Department and helped to take illegal guns off the streets. Anyone that gave up a weapon received a $100 gift card for the team store. The Eagles also lit up Lincoln Financial Field in orange lighting to recognize gun violence awareness day.

What Else Can Be Done? 

There is no easy solution to stopping gun violence, but things can be done right at home. Check on family members and friends. Make sure they are getting the support they need or refer them to someone that can help. If everyone showed love and care to everyone in their community, the world would be a much better place.

The recent high-profile shootings have also led to calls for change at the legislative level. A group of senators from both political parties have introduced legislation that would enhance background checks and keep guns away from people that pose a threat. This is a great first step that most people can agree on. 

In Conclusion

It is great to see Jalen Hurts use his platform to bring awareness to an issue affecting the community and nation. The message is clear that gun violence is a real problem. If enough people care about it, there could be much-needed change.

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