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Patriots Prop Bets Against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week Two

The New England Patriots let me down against the Dolphins. I did not get one prop right, but that will not stop me from trying again!

There’s a rule in golf. The first hole is a practice hole. So no one is fully prepared for the 17 holes ahead of them. The same applies to the NFL.

This week brings a new opponent. A new opponent means new prop bets to play! This week, there is a lot of opportunity for redemption. For the offense, the play calling and the offensive line need to enhance the offense, not bury it. The defense must tune out the noise over the last year. For the fans, it’s about getting back to .500 and setting a more positive tone in Foxborough.

Allow me to introduce you to the best prop plays of the week. You’re welcome.

Patriots WR Kendrick Bourne OVER 5.5 targets

There are not a lot of second chances in the Patriot Way. So Patricia must redeem himself in this matchup by putting Kendrick Bourne on the field as much as possible. He and Mac have developed the best chemistry with the other pass catchers. It’s not rocket science. He’s been explosive so far, averaging a whopping 41 yards-per-target with a 100% catch rate so far this season, even if there’s just one data point. In all seriousness, Bourne was Mr. Reliable for the Patriots last season and if he’s on the field, Mac will be trying to find him.

I expect a MASSIVE game for Bourne to silence the doubters across the nation and on the sideline. He may even find the end zone. Who knows?

OVER 40.5 Total Points

Belichick is pissed off. Every person with a microphone has called for Belichick’s resignation after falling to the Dolphins for the third consecutive game. His pals from the past continue to disappoint the loyal fanbase. However, he remains stoic.

The most dangerous Belichick is a quiet one. He hears the critiques but chooses to ignore them, and his internal combustion engine’s a bit different from the rest in that it’s powered by doubt. The offense has an extremely high ceiling this season. This would be the game to showcase that.

Also, TJ Watt will be watching the game from the sidelines. This makes the offensive line’s job a lot easier. They can focus on the obstacle in front of them, maximizing Jones’s time in the pocket. If a heavily defensive battle with a slurry of missed field goals – the Steelers season opener against Cincinnatti – had 43 total points, then this one can definitely go over.

UNDER 28.5 Passing Attempts for Patriots QB Mac Jones

Mac does not need to sling the ball across the field to win. His football IQ will win him this contest. He needs to be methodical with his attempts. The Steelers secondary intercepted Joe Burrow five times in Week 1. Burrow did not take care of the ball, and fell victim to an opportunistic, talented and athletic secondary.

I do not see this being an issue for the sophomore starter. His backfield is stacked with men ready to step up and make an impact. Furthermore, he knows how to make the right, high-percentage decisions.

OVER 9.5 Touches for Patriots RB Rhamondre Stevenson

At the end of the preseason, reports came out that Stevenson would see an increased role in the offense. We did not see much of that in Miami, but this game is different, and he is still clearly a top option for their rushing attack. The line will be looking for redemption, so expect the Patriots to try to establish the running game on Sunday.

The Steelers will be without TJ Watt, which clears up the trenches to give more space to run. Stevenson averaged 11.1 carries in 2021. That number is only growing.

Belichick puts the Grey Hoodie Back On.

Belichick should be allowed to wear only one thing on the sidelines, a grey hoodie. Every time he switches it up, the team suffers. Climate is changing, and so should Bill.

The New England Patriots find themselves in a must-win situation. Teams that began 2021 with an 0-2 record after making the playoffs the previous season failed to do so the next. 0-2 is not the spot you want to be in.

Remember, it’s a long season—17 more weeks to go.

Go Pats.

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