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Patriots Extend Improved Defensive Tackle Heading Into The 2022 Season

The Patriots have had a strong defense over the last couple of seasons. However, since 2020, they needed a big defensive tackle with a positive presence. They certainly addressed this through the 2021 draft and the off-season last year. One of their additions last year was defensive tackle Davon Godchaux. Godchaux was productive in his role last season, and it was clear the Patriots wanted to extend him.

Davon Godchaux just signed a two-year extension worth $20.8 million with $17.85 million guaranteed at signing. Considering market value, this is a good deal for both sides. The Patriots seemed to want Davon Godchaux back, and he was a good fit for their defense. The contract Godchaux got is a fair deal for both sides. The desire for both parties to stay together for longer seemed mutual.

The Patriots were able to re-sign a solid defensive tackle, and Godchaux got a deal that represented his production well. The Patriots guaranteed Davon Godchaux being with the team for a couple more seasons. Extending him means the Patriots will have a reliable stout defender against the run.

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Why The Patriots Would Want To Extend Davon Godchaux

Davon Godchaux’s true impact doesn’t show in basic statistics. Godchaux is an acceptable defensive tackle who knows his role and can be a strong tackler. He is an outstanding complimentary player that most teams wish they had. The Patriots severely lacked a big defensive tackle who was able to stop the run and could hold the line of scrimmage, which is why they signed Davon in the first place, and why they want to extend him. Davon Godchaux is an excellent veteran presence for the Patriots because they have many unproven young talents on defense.

While Davon Godchaux isn’t a star, he’s a great compliment to potential star Christian Barmore. Christian Barmore and Matthew Judon are likely to generate most of the attention, and it is vital to have a player like Godchaux who can take advantage of having less attention on him. There were lots of times in 2021 where the Patriots’ run defense looked very inconsistent. Being able to extend Davon Godchaux is critical. He is a great player to clog up space in the trenches. His skillset matches the Patriots’ needs like a glove. Being able to extend Godchaux is a great move.

Provides Depth

During a seventeen-game NFL season, injuries are very likely. Having a very capable extra defensive linemen could be very beneficial to the Patriots. The Patriots have to see plenty of fast, elite quarterbacks in 2022. Getting and extending another productive player is an excellent decision by Bill Belichick. Godchaux is more known for his ability to stuff the run, which is his clear strong side. Godchaux can also be a viable piece when the opposing team is passing. Having an extra defensive lineman can help down the stretch of a long grueling season. Extending Godchaux this early shows the Patriots eagerly wanted him back.

Converting this extension to a money upfront guaranteed should alleviate some of New England’s cap struggles, clearing up around 1.5 million in cap space, according to Mike Reiss


Overall, this is a beneficial deal for both sides. Davon Godchaux seemed eager to join the Patriots in the first place, and he was a good fit. Bill Belichick found a trusted veteran who can clog up the middle, provide pressure on the quarterback, and be a reliable run-stopping tackle. There was interest from both sides in a reunion, and the extension was able to get done. Davon Godchaux has the potential to be an even more productive player in the future. The Patriots have lots of young developing talent on the defensive end. If they can take a leap in 2022, Davon Godchaux won’t face much defensive attention.

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