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Panthers Rumors – McCaffery isn’t going to be traded

There are rumors that have been circulating since last January, that Christian McCaffrey will be traded to a running back needy team. These rumors have come up for almost every team in the NFL. The real question is Why won’t CMC be traded? There are a few reasons why

A tweet from Adam Schefter on Saturday stated the Panthers were listening to calls for the star running back, however, Scott Fitterer said back in January he’d listen to calls for any player

Head Coaching Job Appeal

Having CMC would make the Carolina head coaching job more appealing. Think about it, a new coaching staff coming in doesn’t have to worry about their backfield, because they know CMC who is a great running back, with his ability to turn nothing into something. After parting ways with Matt Rhule on Monday, a new head coach coming in with CMC as his lead back is an attractive proposition.

The Rumors don’t take into Account that it’s not a Smart Idea

Trading CMC wouldn’t be a smart idea. If CMC happened to be traded, then the Panthers would have to replace CMC’s production in the draftwhich would lead to them wasting a draft pick on a running back, when they could use that pick on a need for the Panthers for example, tight end

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CMC is All of Carolina’s Offense

McCaffrey is virtually all of the Panthers offense. In the 2022 NFL season alone CMC has amassed 72 carries for 324 yards and two rushing touchdowns and roughly four-and-a-half yards per carry. Christan has more yards than the Panthers leading receiver Robby Anderson, who has 206 yards and one touchdown.

The Running Back Depth behind CMC

The Depth at Running Back behind CMC Behind Christian McCaffery the Panthers do not have great depth at the running back position. As stated previously CMC 72 rushes for 324 yards, the closest running back behind him would be Chubba Hubbard who has 4 rushes for 28 yards and D’Onta Foreman who has 7 rushes for 18 yards. So behind CMC Carolina doesn’t have a lot of depth in terms of running back production.

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