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Ohio State Makes An Amazing Coaching Hire

Ohio State has found their new offensive coordinator, Bill O'Brien. O'Brien has been around the college football and NFL world for a while now, and many college football fans remember him taking over the Penn State head coaching job in 2012. 

O'Brien left Penn State for the Houston Texans in 2014 and was there for seven years but was fired after the fourth game in 2020. 

In O'Brien's six full seasons with the Texans, he only finished below .500 once, and that was in 2017 when rookie quarterback Deshaun Watson tore his ACL and was out for most of the season. 

After O'Brien left Houston, he became the Alabama offensive coordinator from 2021 to 2022. Then he returned to the NFL, where he was the offensive coordinator in 2023 for the New England Patriots. 

Ryan Day hit a home run with this hire, and O'Brien is a great offensive mind. Day needed another NFL mind to help bring his NFL-type style offense to new heights. 

Ohio State's offense could have been better in 2023. Of course, some of that involved Kyle McCord being average, the offensive line being awful at times, and essential skill position players being injured in critical spots. However, Ohio State still has some of the best playmakers in the county for the offense to be rated as low as it was, and O'Brien should help Day get that offense back on track. 

When you have a guy who coached under Nick Saban and Bill Belichick, he will bring significant experience to the team and remember something. Day is the offensive mind on the team. It's not like O'Brien is coming in and taking control of the entire offense and Day has no say.

As of right now, O'Brien does look like he will be taking the play-calling duties away from Ryan Day, and you think Day would give away play-calling duties to someone he doesn't trust? 

O'Brien can serve as the head coach of the offense just like Jim Knowles does on the defensive side. 

You have to give Day the benefit of the doubt on this hire, and O'Brien will bring tons of experience to an offense that was lacking so much of it last season. 


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