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Ohio State Is Running A Full Court Press For One Of The Best Players In College Football

As the news broke on Wednesday that Alabama's star freshman safety, Caleb Downs, had entered the transfer portal, Ohio State fans held their breath in anticipation. Could their team be the next destination for this rising star? 

Downs started as a true freshman at Alabama, and if you know anything about Nick Saban, it is tough to start as a freshman in his secondary.


Saban is the best secondary coach of all time, and that has to be one of the reasons why Downs committed to Alabama, but now, with Saban out of the picture, he plans to find a new school. 

Ohio State Is Coming

Ohio State and Georgia are the only schools bidding for his services, and Ohio State is traveling down to visit Downs at his home in Georgia on Thursday.

Ohio State is leaving no stone unturned this offseason, pursuing every player they desire, whether from their team or the transfer portal. If they manage to secure Downs, it would send a powerful message to the world of college football. 

Downs, at one point in 2023 during his recruiting cycle, was favored or very close to choosing the Buckeyes before picking Alabama. 

Downs is familiar with the coaches and the environment, which can help this time. Still, Perry Eliano, Ohio State's former safety coach who helped try to recruit Downs last year, was fired from the Buckeyes about two weeks ago, so he is a connection now gone between Ohio State and Downs. 

Georgia is the favorite to land Downs. He is from the state, and his former position coach at Alabama, Travaris Robinson, just accepted a job with the Georgia coaching staff, which could be a massive factor in his decision to attend school there. 

Ohio State is behind the eight-ball, but who knows what can happen after they meet with Downs on Thursday. NIL could become a massive factor in this, and we have seen that Ohio State is willing to spend this offseason. 


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