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Madden NFL 23: Steelers Running Back Gets No Respect

EA Sports dropped another round of ratings Wednesday, this time it’s the Running Backs and Safeties.

If you haven’t read my last article on the first round of Steelers who got snubbed earlier in the week, make sure to check it out here.

Wednesday was another agonizing day for Steelers fans who play madden. Just as many were beginning to cool off, two more Pittsburgh Steelers failed to crack the top 10 at their position. While one isn’t as absurd as the other, it still begs the question, “What does EA have against the Pittsburgh Steelers?”

Pound. The. Rock. The best RBs in #Madden23 🏃💨 — ESPN (@espn) July 20, 2022

Madden NFL 23’s top ten Running Backs via ESPN Twitter

Najee Harris: 85 Overall

The Crimson Tide Legend appeared on the Rich Eisen Show Wednesday morning voicing his opinions on his Madden rating among other things. He had this to say about Madden specifically, “I ain’t gonna lie, my guy. You know what, that stuff just came out today, and I got tagged in it – I don’t even wanna discuss it, just off the fact that I’m actually kind of disappointed.”

Well guess what Najee? I’m pretty disappointed about it to and I know others are as well. And since you don’t want to speak on it any further (understandably so) I will.

An 85 overall places Harris at number 15 out of all the running backs in Madden 23. While I can’t argue too much about the top nine, the guys at 14 through ten were either injured for much of last season, or just simply not better than number 22 in Black and Gold (or both). Here’s who made it ahead of Harris:

Cordarrelle Patterson / Atlanta Falcons: 85 Overall

Saquon Barkley / New York Giants: 86 Overall

Kareem Hunt / Cleveland Browns: 86 Overall

Leonard Fournette / Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 87 Overall

Josh Jacobs / Las Vegas Raiders: 87 Overall

Ezekiel Elliot / Dallas Cowboys: 88 Overall

Najee showed he was the full package in his rookie season eclipsing 1600 yards from scrimmage and scoring ten total touchdowns. At times during the season, he was Pittsburghs only offensive threat and still managed to be a top ten running back across multiple categories. While his 3.9 yards per carry look ugly, Harris was hit behind the line of scrimmage on multiple occasions each game. The offensive Rookie of the Year ran behind one of the leagues worst offensive lines, and still put up exceptional numbers.

Not only did Harris rush for the fourth most yards in the NFL last year, but also forced the most missed tackles out of anyone in the league according to PFF. Somehow, this would not be enough for the Steelers star Running Back to appear in the top ten for Break Tackle ratings in Madden 23 either.

It's tough to bring down @NickChubb21 😤 #Madden23 — Madden NFL 23 (@EAMaddenNFL) July 20, 2022

Madden NFL 23’s top ten Break Tackle Rating for Running Backs

I understand that part of EA’s rating process is looking at guys who have done it consistently over multiple seasons making it tricky to rate a second year player. However, it is inexcusable to place players who were hurt or just not as productive ahead of someone just because he was a rookie.

Najee Harris appears to be extremely hungry entering the new season, and is running behind a somewhat revamped offensive line. With the additions of some new faces on offense, Harris may be facing less pressure on every play and should be ready to make a huge leap as he enters his Sophomore season. I will not be surprised to see him crack the 90’s (overall rating) towards the end of the season as Madden continues to update their ratings weekly.

I will be giving my thoughts on the Safety ratings in another article shortly so be on the lookout for it. Go Steelers!



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