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Kansas City Chiefs Don’t Need Any Moves

We have hit that time of year that drives me crazy as a Kansas City Chiefs fan, trade season. Do not get me wrong, trade season is one of the most exciting times of the year. It seems new names are thrown around every day with every team having a slight chance of being a serious contender. It makes for great radio on 610AM and 810AM in Kansas City as well as fun television shows on ESPN, FoxSports, and NFL Network. So where do the Chiefs sit in trade season? Let’s discuss this.

Trade Season Is A Distraction For The Chiefs

What I think drives me crazy about this time of year is I see so many of my fellow Chiefs fans treat the Chiefs as though they are the same as other teams. And not only other teams in the NFL today, but they can’t seem to adjust and still treat this team like it’s the same one we grew up with.

The first thing I wish all fans would understand is that this is not the Chiefs franchise we grew up watching. The last time we won a Super Bowl wasn’t when our parents were kids. Even the last time we won a playoff game wasn’t when we were kids. In KC, we have cast all those demons and curses that plagued us for decades, out. There is no reason for people to be desperate as though it’s still 2010 and we’d sell our souls just to win a playoff game.

It is this lack of desperation that should get fans to stop misusing the English language. When I see fans say the Chiefs “need” anything I cringe. The word “need” brings with it the stigma that without that thing, the Chiefs cannot win it all. Just glance around Twitter and you’ll see fans demanding that the Chiefs need to make moves. Yet when questioned if that means they can’t win a Super Bowl without that move, every single one will say of course they can win the Super Bowl without the move.

Where KC Stands Without Moves

Without making a single move the Chiefs are still at worst, the third favorite to win the Super Bowl this season. We still have the best quarterback in the NFL, the best coach in the NFL, and one of the best overall rosters in the NFL. If I would go back just one month ago all of these fans would say they were ordering tickets they had so much faith in this roster.

Nothing has changed since then to make fans think any differently. There have not been any season-ending injuries. Nobody is underperforming in a matter that would change the perception of the season from a month ago to now. Yes, the loss to the Indianapolis Colts sucked, but that is an Andy Reid special that the Chiefs do every year under Mahomes and Reid. Most of us picked the Buffalo Bills to beat the Chiefs in the regular season because they needed the win more than us. Just see how they celebrated and their fans chirped after the game, it was their Super Bowl.

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Which Move Makes The Most Sense?

Brian Burns is a good player for the Carolina Panthers. He’s averaging over eight sacks a season through his first three seasons in the league. The Panthers are also in sell-now mode as evidenced by their trading of Christian McCaffrey. But Burns would require a trade more valuable than the four picks the San Francisco 49ers stupidly traded for McCaffrey, plus they’d then need to extend Burns. Basically, a trade for Burns would be a repeat of the Frank Clark trade.

I was against the Clark trade when we made it, I felt we gave up too much in the trade plus the contract was insane. But we hadn’t won that ring yet and Mahomes was on a rookie contract so making a bad deal was ok with me. Now we’ve won a ring and Mahomes is making over $35 million per year, we have no reason to be making stupid trades.

The Chiefs Will Be Just Fine For The Future

The Chiefs do not need to make any moves to win the Super Bowl. I have no doubt that the Chiefs will win the Super Bowl with the roster as it sits right now. Of course, adding great talent will strengthen those odds, but at the risk of future odds. Desperate teams can do desperate things to win and not regret it. Just ask any Royals fan if they regret trading their future for Johnny Cueto and Ben Zobrist in 2015, you won’t find a single fan that regrets that decision. But that is baseball, an unfair league where fans of teams like the Royals have no hope.

This is the NFL. Every team has at least a puncher’s chance nearly every year. And when you have the best player in the sport on a team-friendly contract, you are going to be the favorite every year. The Chiefs aren’t trying to win one Super Bowl anymore, they are trying to win multiple Super Bowls. Fans need to stop being scared of failure. They need to stop pretending the regular season is something to live or die by.

We are going to win a lot of games, we’ll lose a few. The real season starts in January when the games actually matter. Whether the Chiefs are playing in Kansas City or Buffalo shouldn’t matter to fans past the cost of attending the game. I have the same belief we will win in Buffalo as I do we can win in KC. I have the same belief that we will win with the roster as it sits now as I do if we traded for Burns or signed Odell Beckham Jr.

Final Thoughts

If the Chiefs decide they have a move that fits in their plans and makes it, I’m 100% behind it. I may not agree with it, but I trust Brett Veach and his team. If they decide to make no moves, I’m 100% behind it. I hope fans do the same thing and understand that the Chiefs are not in a one-year plan. We are currently in year five of a 15 to 20-year plan. So stop living play to play. Stop pretending this season is more important than next season. Stop being scared of what could go wrong. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the next decade of being the best.

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