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J.J. McCarthy Just Threw Michigan Under The Bus

Chalk one up  for the quarterback of Michigan for throwing his team under the bus and running them over.  

Michigan has only been in the biggest cheating scandal in the history of college football in the last few months, and supposedly, nobody in the Michigan program, including the players, knew anything about it. 

McCarthy is so funny; how would Ohio State be stealing their signs in 2020 when there was no game between the two schools? I do remember Michigan running away from the Buckeyes and using COVID as an excuse.

I don't doubt that other schools steal signs, but as of right now, no other schools have been caught doing it illegally like Michigan has.

I have not yet heard of any other school setting up a spy ring, going to opposing team games, illegally recording opposing team signs, and then using it on the sidelines when they play them.   

Let's throw the narrative out that none of the Michigan players knew about the sign stealing. The team's starting quarterback just came out and said they had to make it an even playing field when it comes to stealing signs. 

The only thing is, I don't know what he is talking about. Who else was illegally stealing signs that they had to make it an even playing field and do it themselves? 

This team has totally lost me. I was told the players didn't know, but the team's starting quarterback told us otherwise. 

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