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Michigan Is Proving Cheaters Do Win

Do you know that saying that cheaters never win? Well, I have some news for you: it's not true. In the biggest cheating scandal in college football history, Michigan just beat Alabama in the college football playoff. 

I'll be honest: Michigan is the best team in the country, and I don't think cheating had anything to do with beating Alabama, but Michigan is the complete idiot here because why did they cheat in the first place? 

If you're a Michigan fan and can't come to the reality that Michigan was cheating and stealing signs the last two years, then you're a complete and total moron. 

There is evidence against the team and their leader, Connor Stalions, but the real question is, what were they thinking? 

Michigan is a great football team; you can tell by watching the games that they are the best team in the country. 

This is like when Barry Bonds was in his prime, and he juiced got a little better, but he was one of the best players in baseball, and now he is not allowed in the Hall Of Fame because of that decision. 

The same thing is going to happen to Michigan. They will win the title next week, and then it will be taken away from them down the road because they cheated. 

Even if only Connor Stalions was doing the cheating and nobody else knew about it, he was still employed by the team this season, so wins will be vacated from the 2023 season due to him being on the staff. 

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