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How Will The Lions Offense Be Affected By DeAndre Swift’s Injury?

DeAndre Swift has been arguably the most dominant piece of the Lions’ offense through the first three weeks of the season. Swift has been playing like one of the most dominant Runningbacks so far this year, but his biggest weakness has come back to bite him, he has a sprained shoulder and ankle. He will likely be out for three weeks until he’d be 100% healthy. In the meantime how will the Lions’ offense do without him?

Lions’ HC Dan Campbell said today that RB D’Andre Swift could possibly benefit by taking the next two weeks off to help his shoulder heal, then return after Detroit’s bye to play Oct. 23 against Dallas. — Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) September 26, 2022

Lions’ Matchups in that time

The first week the Lions will likely be without Swift they play the Seattle Seahawks. This matchup with or without Swift should be a very winnable game. The Seahawks have Geno Smith starting at quarterback, and a very bad O-line to protect him. The Seahawks also have the third worst rushing defense, whereas the Lions have the third best rushing attack with Swift’s limited carries. As long as the Lions keep up what they’ve been doing on offense and the defense can contain D.K. Metcalf and Tyler Lockett enough, this should be an easy win.

The following week Swift is expected to be out Detroit faces the New England Patriots. The biggest factor in this game is that Mac Jones will also be out. An already bad offense without their starting quarterback is a recipe for disaster. On top of that, the Patriots have one of the worst overall defenses in the league. So as long as the Lions’ defense can hold a depleted Patriots offense this game should be very winnable for Detroit.

The final week Swift is expected to be out is Detroit’s bye week. Swift should be almost ready to go at this point and won’t have to be rushed into a game, giving him time to get to 100%. After this week Swift will likely be able to return against the Cowboys, where Jameson Williams will also likely be back. This offense will definitely be able to take a step up when both of these guys return.

Lions’ Replacements for Swift

The Obvious starter For Detroit is Jamaal Williams, he put up 87 yards on 20 rushes last week adding two touchdowns to it. Along with being the most talented runningback on this roster outside of Swift, Williams has the most time spent with the Lions and is the most comfortable with the team. Williams has enough skill to keep the run game afloat while Swift is out, averaging 4 yards a carry, and is amazing at getting short yardage gains in tough situations.

Craig Reynolds will also likely get a good amount of snaps, most likely in passing downs and when Williams gets tired. Reynolds has shown many flashes and had big games for the Lions in the past which is why the Lions decided to keep him over other good running backs they had. Reynolds and Williams are good enough to keep this rushing attack at the top of the league and keep the play-action game unstoppable.



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