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How Mac Jones & The Patriots’ Situation Looks Compared To The Big 2021 QB Class

The Patriots drafted Mac with their first-round pick in 2021. Here’s where Mac’s situation ranks among the other second-year quarterbacks

It’s easy to say Mac Jones had the best rookie season among all rookie quarterbacks. There are currently six who are in positions to start. Each of them is entering situations that differ; some have opportunities to contend, while others are still tanking. Here is how Mac Jones’ case looks compared to other second-year quarterbacks.

Patriots’ Receiving Situation: Second

As mentioned before, Mac was the best rookie quarterback. He started in all 17 games and threw 3,801 yards and 22 touchdowns; leading all rookie quarterbacks in passing yards. In terms of receiving situation, Mac is likely in second place.

The Patriots were able to add Devante Parker and Tyquan Thornton, which will undoubtedly help. However, the 49ers have the best receiving options available for their quarterback. Deebo Samuel is exceptionally versatile; he was able to gain 1405 yards and rush for 365 yards. Brandon Aiyuk has had a very nice camp, and George Kittle is a top-tier receiving tight end. Whether Trey Lance is better than Mac is a big question mark, but the receiving core for the 49ers is likely the best given to a second-year quarterback. In this order, the Jets, Bears, Jags, and Texans are filling out the rest of the competition.

Patriots’ Rushing Attack: First

The Patriots’ and 49ers’ running games are incredibly close. The 49ers averaged 124.6 yards per game, while the Patriots averaged 124.4 yards per contest. However, the 49ers also averaged more rushing attempts per game. The Patriots are known for having a running back committee and arguably one of the best in the NFL. Damien Harris was the leading rusher for the Patriots, but the Patriots also have an emerging star with Rhamondre Stevenson. Stevenson averaged 4.6 yards per carry and showed plenty of potentials.

While the running game doesn’t directly impact the quarterback, it can significantly help or hurt the quarterback. Having a good run means a team can control the game’s tempo. Having a good run game for a young quarterback does wonders, and it helps take some of the pressure off them. Establishing a good run game can also set up the play-action plays, which the Patriots love to run. The Jets, Jags, Texans, and Bears don’t have reliable offensive lines, which is why the Patriots and 49ers are ranked above them.

Patriots’ Coaching: First

New England easily has the best coaching situation out of all the teams. Bill Belichick has eight Super Bowl Rings. Belichick is commonly referred to as the greatest coach in the NFL currently. Doug Pederson and Kyle Shanahan are around the same level. Doug Pederson was able to coach a team to a Super Bowl win, and there’s a sound argument to rank one over the other. So Doug Pederson and Kyle Shanahan are number two and three, but they can be interchangeable.

Except for Lovie Smith, the other coaches for the rookie quarterbacks are young, and it’s uncertain if they can develop into good coaches. Robert Saleh for the Jets had a very rough start, and the offense for the Jets had a hard time producing points and yards. Matt Eberflus for the Bears is inheriting a relatively lousy situation. The Bears have lost lots of talent, and they’re arguably a bottom three team in the league roster-wise.

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