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Great Vikings Uniforms They Should Bring Back

The NFL last off-season approved teams to add a second set of helmets to their uniforms for 2022. Meaning this season the Vikings can add a second color helmet and throwback uniform. 2013 uniforms are the Vikings Uniforms they should bring back.

Vikings Uniforms They Should Bring Back

In 2013 the NFL required teams to have one helmet per player to ensure safety. Players had to practice and play with one helmet all season. This was all done to help prevent concussions and CTE. Since then helmet technology has improved immensely. In June 2021 the league office issued a statement allowing teams to use two different helmets. The player still must use the same make and model for both of their helmets of choosing.

Two helmets equal two helmet colors. Two colors equal new uniforms or throwbacks if the team chooses. A team does not have to pick new uniforms or a throwback. If the Vikings were deciding on what to do I’d think they should select picking a throwback.

Vikings before 2013 wore uniforms that were created by Reebok. Occasionally they would bring out an awesome throwback uniform. The uniform was a remake of 1970s Vikings uniforms. It featured a dark purple helmet shell, a grey face mask, and a clean purple jersey. The jersey had huge solid white block numbers and a nice three-strip block design on the sleeve outlined by a thin yellow line. The pants were white with a big yellow stripe running down the side of the pants with a purple outline. The uniforms brought fans back to the 70s and into the world of the Purple People Eaters and the Frank Tarkenton days.

Which Vikings Uniforms Should They Bring Back?

The throwback uniforms the Minnesota Vikings should bring back are the ones they wore from 1996-to 2005. An underrated uniform era for the Vikings. At the time it may have seemed plain and simple. Bringing them back would fill the fans with nostalgia. Justin Jefferson can rock the same uniform Cris Carter and Randy Moss wore. The uniform first of all will take advantage of the new helmet rule. The helmets during this era were a glossy purple which is different from the flat or Matte purple the Vikings have worn.

Followed by an all-white away uniform that was very clean. White pants and white jerseys followed by big purple numbers with a yellow outline. The sleeves have the iconic Vikings mascot logo with additional numbers. The primary home jerseys were just as nice. The purple was silkily followed by white numbers to balance it out. The 1970’s throwback is beautiful. It is something already experienced by Minnesota. The late 90’s uniforms are a change of direction. Everyone certainly expects these to be the answer. Bringing back the Randy Moss uniforms would turn heads across the league.

The Minnesota Vikings of today already love wearing all-white uniforms. Whenever the Vikings wear the all-white combo. The team makes announcements hinting at the excitement it brings the players. The Vikings are starting a new era this season. This is just another added layer of excitement and edge for the players. These are the Vikings uniforms they should bring back.



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