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Friday Forcast: Full Patriots Mock Draft 1.0

The Format

I am going to dive into an exclusive Patriots mock draft, simulated by Pro Football Focus. I’ll make the pick or trade for each round and give a brief player analysis and then how they would fit with the team. After completing the mock draft I am shocked at how it played out.

Round One- The Trade!

When The Patriots came on the clock at #21 there were some good options to pick from but I decided to look at interested parties in an effort to trade down and get more capital for this draft. I decided to call Kanas City, it took a few offers but we came to an agreement. The Patriots traded #21 overall, #158 overall, a 2024 first-round pick, and a third-round pick for the 29th overall, 30th overall, and 50th overall in this draft.

Some of you are thinking Bill never trades his firsts like that. However, With the number of holes and the quality of those top 50 picks this year, I think the value is there.

Getting back-to-back firsts and adding another second could fill all the holes this team has. The Chiefs can get their new receiver without stress and help down the line. Makes sense for both sides.

29th- Kaiir Elam- CB

With the 29th pick in this mock draft, I decided to select Kaiir Elam CB from Florida. At almost 6-2 and 191 pounds running a sub 4.40 40 yard dash. That mix of size and speed is a very valuable skill set in the pros. Elam comes from a football family almost ensuring that his worth ethic is unmatched.

His skill set at the next level is prime for a team that is looking to play more zone like New England is profiling to be. Elam eats up open space and is in the right place at the right time typically. His long speed downfield could be a slight issue. Still, he projects to be a perimeter defender which is something that New England needs to add to its roster.

A class this deep has him falling to the back half of the first in this mock draft. The defense needs blue-chip talent and I believe Elam is one of those players. This guy seems like a gamer that Belichick could mold into our next CB1

30th- Boye Mafe- Edge

Enough of these back-end third-round pass rushers. For the past five-plus years’ Bill continues to miss on the mid-round edge guys none have worked out. So the Patriots had to go spend on Judon last season because those picks never developed. I think he needs to select a higher pedigree guy someone on the other edge who can give Judon some help.

Boye Mafe out of Minnesota just screams New England guy when you watch him play. Mafe has an incredible motor and he doesn’t take plays off. Having quick twitch for someone with such a sturdy build. Running 4.57 40 is freakish for a man at 6-4 and 255 pounds. This is a guy who has elite athleticism. Including having some set of pass rush moves coming out of college so his mechanical side is sound.

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“In other phases, Mafe shows similar promise. He has a sturdy base in run defense, and he has the strength to establish a half-man relationship and set the edge. Additionally, with his lateral agility and flexibility, he can reduce his surface area, slip through congestion, and wall off lanes. Mafe is surprisingly slippery when anchored. When he breaks free, he can whip around and pursue runs to the sideline.” (Ian Cummings Pro Football Network)

He can get after the passer and stay stout in the run game, he should be able to be an every-down player. Two picks into the mock draft and we potentially have our future CB1 and a potential pass-rush threat.

Round Two

50th- Chad Muma- LB

Starting off with the 50th pick that we had received from the Chiefs The Patriots will be selecting Chad Muma LB from Wyoming. This is another slam dunk Patriots character guy. The need for young and fast linebackers is real to the point where we can’t pick wrong.

I feel like Muma is a can’t miss prospect, he plays sideline to sideline and has the ability to cover, to stuff the run all well being the mike (play-caller) of that Wyoming defense. Dont’a Hightower is still unsigned, so the team needs a new mike as well, this pick just makes way too much sense if he is still available.

His leadership ability and versatility to play both the run and the pass would make him a valuable piece to the Patriots’ defense.

54th- John Metchie III- WR

After three straight defensive picks in this mock draft, the time is right to get a weapon for Mac Jones. Helping his future by looking into his past. Drafting WR John Metchie from Alabama will give this offensive the elite speed threat it is looking for.

I know that the team just acquired DeVante Parker which should make the Metchie pick even better, giving him time to fully heal and then become a threat in the second half of the year. The team doesn’t have any wide receivers signed past 2024. They need to add a playmaker that can grow with Mac. They did meet with Metchie at the combine in March.

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Metchie is an elite deep threat and a legitimate speedster that can stress defenses. His long speed helps him run by defenders and his short-area quickness allows him to break out and gain chunk yardage. Lastly, Mac Jones and Metchie have played together previously at Alabama so the transition could be smoother than other wideouts.

Day Three

85th- Max Mitchell – T

Belichick is known for finding stud offensive linemen all throughout the draft. I believe that Mitchell could be that player this year. He brings toughness and leadership qualities that are key for Bill. He also has the size and strength to play tackle at an NFL level.

The right coaching and system could be just what Mitchell needs to become a full-time starter. This pick is more of a Trent Brown and Isiah Wynn insurance seeing that neither is all that dependable. He is a better run blocker however he has the traits to become more polished in the passing game by working on footwork and leverage.

He has that nasty streak that is needed to play tackle in the NFL he just needs to refine his game, a year on the bench learning from Bill would set him up for future success.

127th- Zamir White – RB

Many of you readers are thinking why another running back? Bolden is gone to LA, Montgomery isn’t reliable, and James White just started walking again this March from his hip injury. Damien Harris is coming into a contract year, if he scores another 15 touchdowns he’s going to want more than we will offer in my opinion.

White isn’t known for his passing down work but he is lethal in space and has great vision, he can catch the ball well but was never asked to do well in Georgia because of how heavy a committee they run. I believe if given the opportunity he could shine a Rex Burkhead role.

170th- Josh Rivas – G

This late in the draft everyone is taking flyers so I chose Josh Rivas from Kansas State an energetic and aggressive protector and more depth across that front five.

Like I said earlier Belichick has a good hit rate on offensive linemen so taking another kick at the can won’t hurt here. Another extremely massive man who has the raw talent but needs work and coaching in order to become a package player and possibly a starter down the line.

200th- Matt Arazia – P

matt Arazia coming out of San Diego State may be one of the best punting prospects in the last decade. Jake Bailey is going to make four million dollars this season against the cap, they could save three million dollars with a pre-June cut.

This kid has a rocket launcher of a leg and an incredible touch in his punts. Bailey may have been an all-pro two seasons ago but his play has declined and his salary has increased, those things don’t typically correlate.

210th- Percy Butler – S

Percy Butler is a safety out of Louisianna who is an excellent gunner on special teams so that alone gives him a good shot of being selected by the Patriots.

Butler has good coverage skills but his tackling leaves a lot to be desired, he delivers a big hit or misjudged the tackle but he does have the athleticism to play at the NFL level he just needs to be coached up.

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