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Former Alabama Players Are Back In Championship Mode For Miami Dolphins In 2022

Three former Alabama players are in championship mode for the Miami Dolphins in 2022.

The Miami Dolphins have three players that played for and won a College Football Playoff National Championship for Alabama. That is Tua Tagovailoa, Jaylen Waddle, and Raekwon Davis. Now, for 2022, those three players appear to be back in championship mode again.

Alabama Players Playing In Miami Are In Championship Mode

For those that have been living under a rock, Tagovailoa was the best quarterback in the history of college football as the most efficient college quarterback ever before he suffered a major hip injury. For those that didn’t fail elementary school health and science class, it is educational knowledge that a dislocated and fractured posterior wall temporarily took away his ability to be the elite superstar he was at Alabama.

Additionally, Tagovailoa was provided with the worst offensive line in the NFL, a horrible playbook that didn’t allow him to throw the ball downfield, a playbook that only allowed him to throw to one player, no running game, divisive players demeaning him in the locker room, and a reportedly coach that didn’t have a good relationship with him.

He also had the worst separation among receivers, a muddled two-offensive coordinator system, the allowance of trade rumors to continue, an offensive scheme that called for almost 40 passes compared to around 15 run plays during inclement rainy weather for whatever odd reason and having to play most of the season coming after breaking his ribs as a result of a missed block from his right tackle.

But when former head coach Brian Flores was relieved of his duties by the Dolphins, it appears that all of those handcuffing elements was blown away like a level being cleared in a Galaga video game. The Dolphins brought in an offensive minded head coach that knows Tagovailoa has played like a champion in championships before and can play like one in championships again.

Instead of anyone demeaning anyone, head coach Mike McDaniel encouraged teammates to support and uplift each other. The Dolphins signed receivers that would relieve the double-teaming pressure off of Jaylen Waddle with the addition Tyreek Hill and Cedric Wilson. And they also signed running backs they will improve the run game. The Dolphins even improved the offensive line with the signing of Terron Armstead and Connor Williams.

Now, with all the extra hard work Tagovailoa has put in during the off-season, he is back in that Alabama style championship mode again. He now looks bigger, stronger, faster, and healthier than he has ever been. He looks more comfortable, more relaxed, and has been punching back at the criticism being thrown at him.

Jaylen Waddle is another Alabama College Football Playoff National Championship winner. As an NFL rookie for the Dolphins, he set the single season rookie record for the most receptions by any rookie with 104. Even though he only had 1015 yards, it was still amazing considering the circumstances. Waddle was on that same bad offensive scheme in Miami that Tagovailoa was on. And although not as serious as Tagovailoa’s hip injury, many people forget that Waddle started his first NFL game less than a year from breaking his ankle.

Before breaking his ankle, Waddle was the most explosive player in the country and on pace to win the Heisman Trophy. If he had played the full college season, Waddle would’ve had over 2,000 receiving yards. Amazingly, because Waddle wanted to play in the National Championship game, he limped on the field to catch three passes for 34 yards.

Now with the addition of Tyreek Hill, it will be able to open up opportunities for Waddle to get separation without being double teamed as much. With Hill’s challenging competitiveness, it has ignited Waddle to play his best and to return to that championship winning mode for the upcoming 2022 season.

Finally, Raekwon Davis also won a College Football Playoff National Championship with Tagovailoa at Alabama during the 2017 season. His short tenure with the Dolphins hasn’t lived up to his own expectations, but there was a good reason for that. During game one of last season, Davis injured his knee, causing him to miss time. He wasn’t playing at 100 percent but gave his best effort. However, this off-season, he has showed signs of improvement. And the excitement around what is going on with the Dolphins has him back in championship mode for 2022.



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