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Five Baltimore Ravens To Roster In Fantasy For 2022

With the new season around the corner, you may be wondering which Ravens to target for your fantasy team. I have five Raven players that deserve to be on your team this year. When the clock starts ticking, these are the players you want to be picking.

Lamar Jackson, Quarterback, Baltimore Ravens

I am starting with the obvious player everyone will consider. Lamar Jackon is the former MVP and Heisman Trophy winner who took the NFL by storm with his legs. We all know he can run, but can he throw? The answer is yes! Despite his injury last year, he threw for over 2800 yards and ran for over 700.

This year despite losing Hollywood Brown to Arizona, I strongly believe Lamar is still a great number one or two QB to have on your team. Despite having a set of wide receivers who have yet to make a name for themselves, Lamar still has weapons on the team including Mark Andrews and rookie newcomer Isaiah Likely.

Plus, we all know Lamar can get it done with his legs. He will always generate a high number of fantasy points with his legs. This is his contract year which means he will be playing even harder than before. If he does help take the Ravens to the postseason and even the Super Bowl, you can expect his Fantasy numbers to be through the roof!

Mark Andrews, Tight End, Baltimore Ravens

Speaking of Lamar’s favorite number one target on the team, Mark Andrews needs to be a priority target for any Fantasy owner. He has emerged as one of the best tight ends in the league and his numbers show why. Last year his receiving yards were over 1300! I expect this to be just as high this year since he has always been the go-to guy for Lamar.

What makes Andrews such a great pick in comparison to other players like Travis Kelce is Andrews scored over 300 PPR last year. He has been a threat in the end zone because of his speed and size. Even with the new rookie TE on the team, Isaiah Likely, I believe Andrews will still put up strong numbers this year.

The upside is that even if Lamar Jackson does get injured again, the Ravens have a capable backup quarterback in Tyler Huntley. Last year he targeted Mark Andrews just as much, if not more, than any other player on the team.

J.K. Dobbins, Running Back, Baltimore Ravens

Personally, I would rank Dobbins as an RB2 or a sleeper pick and would target him in the later rounds. He would make a great pickup given the fact that despite his injury last year, his rookie year numbers were good. Most owners are targeting other RBs which means Dobbins will be overlooked. Plus, with all the RBs off the board, picking him up could be a wildcard move that will generate a lot of upside. 

Even with Lamar as a running quarterback on the team, he will still rely on his running backs including Dobbins. The Ravens, after all, are a run-first offense.

Justin Tucker, Kicker, Baltimore Ravens

I know what you are thinking, a kicker is on this list? Yes, a kicker is on this list! But, not just any kicker, this is Justin Tucker. One of the greatest kickers of all time. Having a weapon like this on your team means extra points because of his ability to kick from long distances. He’s a consistent kicker so the chances of him missing points are rare. I would pick him up in the fifth or sixth rounds. 

Baltimore Ravens Defense/Special Teams

Last but not least, I would target the Defense later down the line. If the first preseason game showed anything, it would be that the team had three turnovers. I know it’s a preseason game, but for me, that is a sneak preview of things to come. Most of the pieces from last year’s defense will be back healthy and with the new edition of Hamilton, the defense could generate some nice points.

Another thing to consider is their schedule. Other than the Bengals who made it to the Super Bowl, the majority of the teams they are facing on the upcoming schedule did not make the playoffs last year. 

Honorable Mentions From The Ravens For Fantasy

There are two other players I would pick but as bench players and they are Rashod Bateman and Isiah Likely.

With Hollywood Brown gone, Bateman is listed as the number one WR on the team. The former first-rounder is predicted to have a breakout year so picking him up could be a high-risk, high-reward pick. He has the speed and length to reach and catch some deep passes.

During the first preseason game, Isaiah Likely caught four passes for 44 yards. With Mark Andrews being the favorite target, Likely could make a nice sleeper pick since teams will be focused on Andrews. This will free him up for more possible targets. Considering Boyle and Oliver are more run-blocking tight ends, Likely will most likely be used for catch-and-run types of plays.



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