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Eight Takeaways From Vikings vs. Eagles 2022 NFL Week Two

Immediate Reaction Takeaways

  1. Jalen Hurts was unstoppable. He had two receivers with 80 or more yards receiving and two more receivers that had 69 yards each. The only time he was picked off was when his receiver, Gainwell, tipped a screen pass and Jordan Hicks reeled it in.

  2. Vikings’ offense struggled to find rhythm besides the one TD drive. Cousins had just over a 50% completion percentage. Only threw 1 TD and had 3 INTS. Dalvin Cook had 6 carries for only 17 yards and Justin Jefferson had 6 catches for 48 yards.

  1. Eagles fans are so unsportsmanlike that it is ridiculous at this point. They booed every time that Reagor, who was an Eagle, touched the ball or was involved in the game in any way.

  2. The Eagles’ rushing game was proficient and that was not even the best part of their offense. Miles Sanders had 17 carries for 80 yards and Jalen Hurts had 11 carries for 57 yards and two TDS.

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Vikings Highs And Lows

  1. Overall, the Eagles’ offense was just too much for the Vikings to handle. They compiled almost 500 yards of total offense and seemed to be able to do whatever they wanted.

  2. The biggest play outside of the scoring drive from the Vikings offense came on a 19-yard completion to Thielen in the 4th quarter when the Eagles were already up 24-7.

  3. The most exciting play of the game was most likely when Patrick Peterson blocked a field goal attempt and Kris Boyd was able to return it for 27 yards.

  4. The Vikings’ offense was pitiful. They had a total of 10 drives that went for had 1 TD, 3 INTS, 5 punts, and the clock ran out on the final drive.

The Vikings will need to regroup this week over what was ultimately an embarrassing loss.



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