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Does NY Giants QB Daniel Jones have the “IT” factor to get to the promise land?

When Daniel Jones left Duke University he was destined to be an NFL quarterback, which most agree on. The NY Giants, however, shocked, the world and drafted him as the number 6 pick overall in the 2019 NFL Draft. It was another reason the NY Giants fans wanted the head of the former general manager Dave Gettleman. He certainly had the frame, the size, and the strong arm but what kind of competition did he play at Duke? At the time Giants fans were clamoring for an edge rusher and rightly so. With Josh Allen sitting there waiting to be plucked, Roger Godell read the name: “With the sixth pick of the 2019 draft the NY Giants select: Quarterback Daniel Jones Duke University.

It was not a hush that came over MetLife Stadium, but an eerie haze of lifelong fans pledging their undying love to the football Gods that this was not the case. It was however and the rest of the draft was just as big of a disaster, but that is another topic.

Jones made his first NFL start on September 17th, 2019 at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Fans were torn because Ironman and now Giants legend Eli Manning was waning in his final years, so no one wanted to see him on the bench but also had no intention to root for Jones. With an unwavering attitude, Jones went and directed an 18-point comeback win against the Buccaneers, and Giants fans cheered. He finished the game with 23 out of 36 passes for 336 yards and two touchdowns, amassing a near-perfect 112.7 passer rating. He also showed his legs for 28 yards and 2 touchdowns rushing, including the game-winner. There was a change in the fanbase, but remember he lost two fumbles in that game…

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Jones finished an impressive rookie year with 3,027 passing yards, 24 touchdowns, and 12 interceptions with 45 carries for 279 yards. The bad is he led the league in fumbles with 18. No matter how good you are play in New York and the fanbase will find the bad and they did.

The ups and downs are there for Jones his career has been a rollercoaster ride. For all the good that he has done, it seems he contradicts it with a head-scratching turnover or some kind of mental mistake. While nobody is perfect, you need to be at MetLife unless you can win two Super Bowls and endear yourself forever in NY Giants folklore. Does Jone have what it takes? The quick answer is yes if he can do a couple of things first:

Stop turning the ball over

Jones has 36 fumbles (20 lost) and 29 interceptions in his short career. That is FAR too many. Now to heir on the side of positivity his turnover numbers have decreased each year he has played. No Giant fan cares about that. Stop turning the ball over! With the addition of head coach Brian Daboll who worked wonders with Buffalo Bill quarterback Josh Allen and offensive coordinator who worked with Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, the teachers are there for him, can he learn?

Stay healthy

Seems anytime you write about an NFL quarterback this seems obvious and it can be especially for one that has been hurt. 2020 a hamstring injury along with an ankle injury kept Jones out of 3 games. 2021 the neck injury he suffered against Philadelphia forced him to miss 5 games and be out on IR on December 21st. With a rebuilt offensive line, a healthy Saquan Barkley, and some weapons in the slot at receiver Jones should be able to get the ball out of his hands quick enough to avoid hits. He does however need to slide better when he uses his legs and not get hit as he did in Philadelphia.

Report: Giants’ Daniel Jones suffered ‘structural damage’ in neck

NY Giants “make or break year”

This is as the heading states a make-or-break year for Jones and the Giants. The fifth-year option was declined already by the NY Giants, making Jones a free agent after the season. You know the Giants will sign Jones long-term if he comes out and has a great year. On the flip side, I’m sure they are currently researching the top quarterback prospects for 2023.

Daniel Jones has what it takes to win as an NFL quarterback. He now has a hopefully competent coaching staff behind him, that has had great results with quarterbacks. He has a general manager and front office that saw the glaring need for an offensive line and addressed it, adding several weapons at the receiver spot that every quarterback wants. He has a healthy Saquan Barkley, enough said. There is an upgraded defense that should keep him on the field and in games. The time is now for Daniel JOnes as there is no more tomorrow for him.



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