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Did This AFC Rival Surpass The Chiefs QB In This Year’s Madden Ratings?

The Madden 23 ratings dropped on Friday for quarterbacks around the league. Where does the Chiefs quarterback rank among others leaguewide?

EA Sports has been releasing their Madden NFL 23 player ratings this week. After a couple of questionable ratings at other positions, they have finally released the quarterback ratings and we now know where the Chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, ranks among his peers.

EA Sports ranked Mahomes as the third-best quarterback in the game. Number one was Tam Brady with a 97 overall rating, Aaron Rodgers with a 96, and then Mahomes came in third with a 95. Josh Allen came in fourth with a 92 overall. Last year’s media darling, Joe Burrow, who represented the AFC in the Super Bowl ranked fifth with an overall rating of 90.

The best of the best QBs in #Madden23 👀 @EAMaddenNFL How'd they do? ⤵️ — ESPN (@espn) July 22, 2022

Chiefs QB, Mahomes, Sees A Slight Drop In His Rating This Year

Mahomes ranking did drop in this year’s game as he started last year’s game with a perfect 99 rating. But 95 is still a terrific rating in Madden, and nothing fans should be upset about. It was expected after Mahomes had a down year (by his standards) in 2021. I still laugh out loud every time I type that he had a down year, it’s insane how amazing he is when that kind of season is a down year.

Brady on the other hand had a great year with over 5,300 yards passing and 43 touchdowns. Rodgers is coming off his second straight league MVP award so it should be nothing to get upset about that those two players are a total of three points higher. Mahomes didn’t seem to be upset either, taking to Twitter to brag about his speed rating of 84.

I mean 84 speed tho 👀👀😂😂 — Patrick Mahomes II (@PatrickMahomes) July 22, 2022

Along with his speed rating of 84, Mahomes earned an 87 in acceleration and an 88 in agility. Those athletic numbers put him among the top five athletic quarterbacks in the game behind only Lamar Jackson, Kyler Murray, and Josh Allen.

His injury, stamina, and toughness were all top three at his position coming in at 96 across the board. Both Rodgers and Brady were just ahead of him in the same rankings with Brady being 99 on all three. Hard to argue that for Brady seeing as he’s a 44-year-old who hasn’t missed a snap due to injury in years. The fact they think Mahomes at 26 is as tough as a 38 and 44-year-old who never misses snaps should make him proud.

The rest of the quarterback ratings for Mahomes are all in the mid to upper 90s.

  1. Patrick Mahomes Ratings in Madden 23:

  2. Overall: 95

  3. 97 throwing power

  4. 95 short accuracy

  5. 91 medium accuracy

  6. 89 deep accuracy

  7. 98 throwing on the run

  8. 96 injury

  9. 96 stamina

  10. 96 toughness

  11. 95 throw under pressure

If fans want to get picky I am sure they could pick a number here and there that should go up one or two, but frankly, Madden did a good job. The league, and Madden, are interested in how Mahomes can bounce back from the horrible AFC Championship second half and the loss of Tyreek Hill. So it’s not crazy that he lost a couple of points this season. But I have no doubt he’ll earn those points back by the end of the season and Mr. 99 will be back in 2023.

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Do you agree with this year’s Madden ratings for quarterbacks? Leave a comment down below to join the discussion.

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